RISING - COOKED: Family and Ritual at Jinda Thai

Explore rituals that bond a family-run business in times of hardship.

A person with a black mask on a with short black hair cooks food in a wok over a stove in a commercial kitchen.

RISING: COOKED is our series unearthing the rituals, tastes and culture of Melbourne’s treasured dining scene. 

For our first episode we checked in with Richmond institution Jinda Thai. Filmed during the hard lockdown, they used iPads supplied by RISING to film the rituals bonding the family-run business in times of hardship during the pandemic; and the authentic, comforting, generation-spanning recipes the Thai diner has built its following on. 

In the clip, Jinda Thai co-owner Premika Tanpapat tells us about Jinda’s pork noodle soup, which uses a decades-old recipe conceived at her grandmother’s noodle shop in Bangkok.

Watch the video then go order one for yourself.