Footscray Community Arts Centre Acknowledgements

FCAC Team Acknowledgments


Arthur Tanzi (Series Producer)

Ben Beare (Production Designer – Technical Director)

Neil Cabatingan (Technical Manager – Production Design Assistant)

Ash Buchanan (Lighting Designer Gaffer)

Benjamin Beracasa (Audio Engineer – Mix Engineer)

Shaahen Merchant (Styling Assistant – Stage Manager)

Hedsbent (Projection Design – Static)

Simbiotic Vision (Projection Design – Moving)

Andy ‘Dripz’ Glover (Best Boy Grips – Production Assistant)

Nathan Gee-Landman (Pro Tools Operator - Audio Engineering Assistant)
Gianna Rizzo (Stills Photograpy)

Darren Gee (Resources Manager – Audio Consultant)

Featured Garments for Kee’ahn - REMUSE Designs

Uncle Larry Walsh (Acknowledgment of Country, FCAC Elder in Residence and Indigenous Advisory Group Member)

Robyn Gawenda – Executive Director and Co-CEO

Daniel Santangeli – Artistic Director and Co-CEO

Vyshnavee Wijekumar – Marketing and Engagement Manager

Jessica Ankomah – Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Cheralyn Lim – Digital Content Producer


Harmonic Whale

Daniel Jauregui (Producer – Camera Operator)

Jose Pincheira (DOP – Camera Operator – Video Editing)

Catherine Hoang (Camera Operator – Creative Assistant)

Pamela Freire (Production Assistant – Data Management)

Ellie Pardo (Project Coordination – Captions)

Eyal Chipkiewicz (Captions and Transcription)