Fun activities for a rainy day at home

It's pouring down outside, but bad weather doesn't mean no fun! We have plenty of activities and resources to fill your day, and keep the kids engaged too.

If the weather has put a damper on your plans, it doesn't mean you can't have a good time.

We've lined up a bunch of online activities and resources you can check out so you're not destined for a monotonous binge-fest on the couch... Unless that's what you're looking forward to - in which case, we have something for that, too!

From feel-good workouts to cooking up a feast, plus a step-by-step plan to keep the kids busy, it's all here ready for your next rainy day.

Keep moving

You don't need to brave a wet trip to the gym to get the gains in!

We have some home workouts you can do to work up a sweat without leaving the house.

If you're looking for something that's not so high-intensity, we also have plenty of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga resources for you to try out too.

Stay active at home

Skipping the gym on a rainy day doesn't mean you need to go backwards on your goals. Try one of these home workouts and feel the burn at home.

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Find a new podcast

Podcasts are a saving grace when you're looking for entertainment that's not sitting on the couch.

The wide world of podcasts is a big one. But we have a few that you might not have heard about, we think they're worth a listen!

In the kitchen

Why not become the Masterchef of your household and try a new recipe?

There are some healthy recipes, indulgent delights, and even a few Melbourne faves here to try your hand at in the kitchen.

Cook up a storm at home

Try your hand at a new recipe this weekend, with our permission to make a mess!

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Activities to keep the kids busy

If you'd like a day where the kids activities are all planned out for you, we can help!

We've put together a daily planner for kids to follow that will keep them entertained, engaged, and (most importantly) quiet!


Kids at-home daily planner

Mapped out over the day, this timeline of activities and resources will keep the kids busy from breakfast to lights out.

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