Fun things to do these school holidays

We've got all kinds of events and activities that will keep kids busy having fun these holidays. Don't worry - there's plenty for the parents to enjoy, too!

And just like that, it's holiday time again! 

The first half of the year has flown by, and we're back to school holidays. While the kids are excited to sleep in, cuddle up by the heater, and see their friends for two weeks - for parents, it can sometimes be a different story!

We've put together a list of activities to do at home, plus places you might want to explore if you have a few days up your sleeve, or if you want to take a day trip somewhere new.

Learn something new

Whether you have the next Dustin Martin under your roof or a Picasso in the making, there are lots of fun, engaging activities for your kids to try at home that will see them challenge themselves, use their brains and learn something new - and the most important part - they'll have fun in the process!

Activities for film buff kids

Have you got a budding filmmaker at home? ACMI has a whole range of activities and resources that your future director can sink their teeth into.

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At home entertainment

Sometimes it's just about keeping your kids engaged (and quiet) long enough for you to do what you need to do during the day. 

Here's a few options, from arts and crafts, to informative and fun video series.


Join JOF on his quest to achieve superstardom in his parent’s garage. Meet some of JOF's friends as he learns new skills to take him, and you, to the next level.

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Get out and go exploring

Whether it's an extended family getaway, a day trip to the countryside, or a staycation in the city - we've got all the cool spots to explore with the kids these holidays.

Where to visit these school holidays

There are plenty of places around Victoria to explore these school holidays! See what regional Victoria has to offer before you jump in the car and go.

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Inside the Story of the Moving Image

A great day out for parents and kids alike - ACMI’s centrepiece exhibition, The Story of the Moving Image, will change the way we view exhibitions in Melbourne, and around the world.

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