Halloween Fun!

Celebrate the spooky season with our collection of all things Halloween.

Sunday 31 October has come to claim its title as the spookiest day of the year!

Since we all deserve a treat, we've collected all the best activities, events and ideas to send some thrilling chills down your spine! 

Don't miss a trick, explore what the spooky season has to offer...


Build your own Jack O'Lantern for Halloween!

Spooktober is here: Get carving a Jack O'Lantern!

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image of a small Jack O'Lantern on a white surface.

Celebrate Halloween with Australian Horror Movies

Make it movie night with these home-grown horror films! Just be sure you've got a pillow to hide behind...

See the list of scary films!
The image shows some popcorn on a black background.

Spooky Artists to Check Out

Embrace the eerie side of art with these local artists.

Meet the artists!
Orange and white smoke swirls on a black background

Staying Safe This Halloween

A guide on how to safely celebrate this spooky holiday under eased restrictions.

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The image shows three wooden sticks on a white background. The stick in the middle is holding up the words Happy Halloween written in black. The sticks either side have black bat shapes on them.

Celebrate Halloween with Spooky Walks in Victoria

During the spooky month of Halloween or any day that you're feeling particularly brave, why not go for a stroll in the spookiest parts of Victoria?

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SAKGF Prep & Cook: Pumpkin Hummus

Realise your pumpkin's full potential with this delicious recipe for pumpkin hummus.

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Two small pumpkins are on a chopping board. There is a striped tea towel and a knife next to them.