Blak to the Future 111 - Future


Blak 2 the Future has been
a continued series and space
that has actually created a place for us
to talk about what we want for the future.
As First Nations’ people
often we aren’t asked that we aren’t given a space to do that,
we aren’t given a platform
so we’ve kind of had to make it our own.
With the support of everyone here at Footscray Arts
and all of our elders
and our mentors here
have really helped shape
what that means for us.
And something that Uncle Larry says all the time
is that the future is with the young people in our community
and that it’s time for us to really step up
to be accountable and to be heard as well
So as young Aboriginal people
we are often put into leadership roles from a very young age
and that includes a lot of responsibility that we have
but it’s a responsibility that I proudly take on
because we really are the future,
First Nations’ people are the future,
we are the protectors of the environment,
protectors of selves, protectors of our future children
and with that, we can see
a more positive and potentially hopeful future
especially in such a bizarre dystopian time that we are living through right now and I think that mob
with everything that’s faced, that we face,
and that we are dealing with in the Colony
our pushback and our fight
ignites the fire in our bellies to keep going and to keep pushing
and inspiring each other
and therefore inspiring a future for us
So that’s exactly what Blak 2 the Future means
It means that the future is black
and it’s young and it's us
and it’s happening
Thank you so much to every single artist, part of this project
as well as all the mob here at Footscray Arts Centre.
Thank you for keeping us pushing
and getting us all together through a really tough time,
delivering it under very unprecedented circumstances and for all of you watching today, thank you so much.

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