Blak to the Future 111 - Past


Smoking, in the old days, was used
when a person died
to guide their spirit into where it should go.
We feel that’s one part.
The other one is when we gather as groups
so we clear the air of any bad spirits.
We smoke the whole place
and everybody walks through it.
and it gets rid of any bad spirits
and puts us in a good spirit,
where we can negotiate and talk
and sometimes joke with each other
and laugh with each other.
Footscray Community Arts Centre
and the Indigenous Advisory
and the Blak 2 the Future people
we’d like to welcome and we’d like to acknowledge on behalf of
us the traditional owners of these areas
the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung language group
and the Bunurong language group.
We pay our respects to their ancestors.
We also pay our respects to their elders.
Past, present and...
I hate using the word emerging because
young leaders show up when they are young
so it’s just the young leaders that are coming through
so we also acknowledge those young leaders
and we pay our respects to them.
I'd like to introduce you
the curator of this exhibition
Rosie Kalina who’s been one of the main strengths
behind this Blak 2 the Future
one, two and three.
Thank you.
Hi. I am Rosie Kalina
I am a proud Wemba Wemba and Gunditjmara woman.
I am the curator of Blak 2 the Future 3
And I’d like to acknowledge the country that I’m on today The Wurundjeri and the Bunurong I’d like to pay respects to elders
and ancestors and custodians of the land.
Blak to the Future began in 2018
with Hannah Morphy-Walsh and I
We co-curated it together with a concept of
wanting a youth-led Aboriginal project
that really encompassed all the intersectionality
of what it means to be a young Aboriginal person specifically in the western suburbs,
on Bunurong and Wurundjeri country here,
and I’m really proud that it can continue to the third one. The first and second were just amazing.
The openings also included a lot of music
Live music and gathering
And the third one is obviously a lot more different
with COVID and the lockdown
which is saddening but I’m still very proud
that it’s been able to continue this long
and still include young aboriginal people
in the way that it has.

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