Chunky Move movement class four: Amrita Hepi at Melbourne City Baths 


Hi, my name is Amrita Hepi. On behalf of Chunky Move, I welcome you to movement class number four. We respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners on whose unceded lands this film was created. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and future and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This class is intended to be experienced both as a participant and as a spectator. There'll be parts of the video that follow a class format and other sections that are more performative and intended to be engaged with in a less prescriptive way. Let's begin. Begin to find a small wave in your fingers. Imagine that your hands are in water. Take this into your hips. Finding moments where your toes can come off the floor. Take this into the body. A gentle sway from side to side. Swing down like jelly, let the head fall off the neck. Coming back up find a swing with a small jump. All the way down. Find a sway with your arms, back to front. Let your chest and your stomach sit on your thighs. Take it around the face. Up to the right. Up to the left. Swinging back and forth and all the way around. Taking your legs behind you one by one. Coming all the way up and around. Framing your face with your arm. Finding a way to wave and articulate each finger. Take that through your wrists, above your head. Begin to create a language with your arms and in particular, your fingers. Signal a plane coming in. Keeping your fingers articulate, begin to take this around your body. From your abdomen out to the side into a deep second. Find a clasp, find a sword. Seek revenge. Open yourself up. Find moments to be expansive. Begin to find a clap. Take it into the body. Think about it as if the clap makes a sword. Find your way to the ground. Introduce your hands to the ground. Find a stop start motion with them. Acquaint your head with the ground. Fall and rise and take your sword with you. Begin to take yourself off the floor. Think about floating and releasing your chest, shoulders, and neck. Can you find a way to keep your swaying motion with your hands and your feet on the floor? Think about taking your chest up to the roof. Keeping your hands and feet connected to the floor. Find a way to keep or take it up with your fingers and have a thrash with your head. How can you take up as much space as possible using your head? Using your feet? Find a little groove. Find a moment to surprise yourself. Is there a way to anchor yourself to something? An object and turn around? In this next section, we're going to combine some of the things we just learned. Firstly, find a swing to a release. Seek revenge with the clap of your hands and cut through the space. Find a sway or release. Find back to front foot work. Swinging out with your legs, trying to be articulate across the floor. Finding a wave. Considering the whole space. Find something you can anchor yourself to and find a turn. Reintroducing yourself to the floor. Acquaint it with your hands. find an ending. we're now gonna go into a cool down section where we imagine the body in water. Where I'm from, salt and fresh water meet. Consider how the consistency of water changes how your limbs can move. Keep a gentle sway in the body. Really think about how things slow down once you are submerged in a body of water. Take that feeling of slowness with you. Take it through the calves, knees, hips. Find a way to the floor in four, three, two, one. With this feeling of floating, do a scan through the body starting with your head down through your neck, shoulders, ribs, hips, knees, ankles, and out through the feet.

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