Art is hard work video


Transcript: Art is… Hard Work 

0:02: First female voice: Find something that is very hard to do and then go and do it… 

0:08: Male voice: The white ute… like what it didn’t carry… like. 

0:11: First female voice: I know! 

0:12: Second female voice: Right from the very beginning… I do like driving around in trailers and meeting and going to scrap metal piles, and we did have a lot of fun I guess. 

0:22: Third female voice: The Move On Project, lots of trailers, lots of… stuff. 

0:27: Second female voice: And being in that carpark we did actually get people coming in thinking it was a buy, swap and sell. 



0:39: Male voice: and then there was the weather and then there was access and then there was security… 

0:42: Third female voice: We painted those silos, didn’t we? 

0:45: Fourth female voice: We did. Yes.  

0:46: And we slept in a tin shed in May Park. We were security. 

0:51: There was a lot of waiting around. 

0:53: Third female voice: There was. There was. 

0:55: Fourth female voice: A lot of folding of letters and refolding of letters. 

0:58: Second female voice: Envelope filling, envelope filling, folding and envelope filling…  

1:03: Third female voice: Why did we do that? 

1:04: Second female voice: and Banners have always been a favourite part of Art is… festival for me. 

1:08: Third female voice: Five o’clock on top of the Post Office to put up the banners. 

1:11: Male voice: It was great energy, that’s what it relied on. Energy. Not much, you know, no talent, but out we went. What do you need? Yeah, righto. 

1:19: First female voice: The level of connections to make it all come together. Like if I think back to that now I kind of wonder how that was done. 

1:27: Male voice: And even Council and farmers, they got involved. Like, all those boys would go “what do you need? A tree? Yeah, righto, we’ll give trees”. “What do you need? Bales. Yeah. Okay”. It was like machinery, the electrical contractors, bang, they’d all turn up…  

1:12: Yeah, it was a really important thing for Horsham. 

1:45: Third female voice: You know on some of the really busy days, where we’d be going from one meeting to meeting and I used to go around schools a lot… and as I would drive home, I would think about it: “I had a really good day, I’m really tired, but I met such fabulous people”. 

2:00: Second female voice: Art is… Really Good. 

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