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0:12: First female voice: The other element that was really critical is, I suppose, bringing in expertise and artists from outside in and actually really developing cultural themes or ideas to explore. You know, Mahony Kiely in those early days was really instrumental in shaping a whole lot of experiences and her energy in those early days was amazing.

0:37: First male voice: Oh man, there was fire everywhere in those days, Marnie had a thing about - “you gotta set fire to it” it was a fire drum or some fire on a stick, or…

0:47: First female voice: I loved the whole kinda, the lantern thing.

1:02: Second male voice: The best people for the job, over the years, we’ve found, are climbers. The bamboo we use all comes from China. Nowadays most of the crew come from Natimuk.

1:13: Third male voice: The bales were specially grown for us up here. It’s a temple really to the energy of the people in the area.

1:22: First male voice: Really for me it was really exciting to see all these people from Melbourne turn up – with all these skills. I was just teaching accounting and finance and all of a sudden… It was good for Horsham.

1:38: Second female voice: There were some amazing powerful performances. Good ones. Yes.

1:45: Third female voice: It was very important to have visiting artists.

1:48: Fourth female voice: Yes.

1:49: First female voice: You’re bringing in a particular artist who has got a particular skill set and you are actually sharing that with the community. That model… is basically what we repeated again and again and again but with different genre or different focus or different theme.

2:13: Fourth male voice: We involve people who are normally not connected with any art things into a very creative project that’s mainly by them tinkering… building stuff and suddenly bringing in their own ideas, their own objects.

2:27: Fifth male voice: I think there’s stuff with people… “I’m not an artist, but I can screw two bits of wood together” or and suddenly seeing all of these things and it’s coming under the banner of… of art and that is, it is something and “I can knit or I… can weld or something like that”.

2:46: Fifth female voice: It’s amazing… just coming here to do shopping and they just broke out dancing.

2:51: Sixth female voice: This massive like awesome flashmob.

2:55: Fifth female voice: It was incredible I have never seen probably dancing like that. That’s something new to Horsham. Horsham hasn’t seen something that extravagant really ever. Like, best thing I think Horsham’s ever seen really.

3:10: Victoria - isn’t that one...? That’s one of the most growing for international people like.. in Australia? So, to bring it here, it’s just yeah, it helps.

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