Art is kids


Transcript Art is… Kids.

Instrumental music.

0:10: Children’s voices: five, four, three, two, one…

0:13: Popping noise.

0:14: Children: Aww.

0:15: Male voice: The kids… those school programs

0:18: Female voice: That was one of the early commitments to building an audience.

0:22: Male voice: hmm.

0:23: First female voice: So, you build through activity. Most years there was something like twelve hundred kids involved in a four-to-six-week program. Local artists were, generally employed, to deliver the workshop.

0:37: Second female voice: Flock, was pretty amazing. I worked with nine schools, forty-five workshops and we made a hundred and sixty puppets.

0:44: Male voice: The kids were into it - it was fire and horses and… it was huge and they got to see and use different materials.

0:51: First female voice: Like, call for donations and a suddenly you’d get bags of material and bags of wool, and bags of scraps of cardboard, like stuff, like stuff, stuff, stuff, turning up in the workshop space and you’d have all this free gear to be able to make all these amazing workshops with and the only thing I think we bought, consistently, was cane, bamboo…

1:16: Male voice: Cane, yeah.

1:17: First female voice: glue and paper.

1:19: Male voice: and tea candles.

1:23: First female voice: Participatory art is actually very it’s de rigueur now…

1:30: Everyone makes something in the…

1:32: Male voice: Lanterns,

1:33: First female voice: workshops… Yes, lanterns as well…

1:34: Male voice: Lanterns, kid’s and lanterns, they love lanterns. There’s fire and boats and set fire to everything.

1:42: Third female voice: I suppose I grew up with the idea that, through Art is…, that when you make art that you bring other people along for the journey and it is a very rewarding experience to create work in collaboration and, um, engagement with other people and then I got to University and realised that artists can also just work by themselves, that kind of work - I hadn’t really had that experience before!

2:06: First female voice: When it came to night of the performance of the dress rehearsal everything would be laid out. The kids would come into rehearsal you know… Benjamin would come in and go “I made a giraffe with, um, spots”, and Mary would have the giraffe with the spots, and little Benjamin would then be able to take his pole or his lantern or whatever it was, the mask, and just that shear commitment to the value of a person’s time in a workshop, what they’ve made, valuing it explicitly, and then, you know, it contributing to a bigger something, it was just beautiful, it was really beautiful.

2:46: Second female voice: They are always very inspiring and give you lots of ideas and so it’s very much a two-way thing. You might give them something, but they always give back lots in their ideas and enthusiasm and a freshness of view and and that’s really important as well.

3:00: Third female voice: Oh, Art is… has definitely had an influence on my life. So, when I was a kid in the nineties growing up getting roped in to be involved in projects and contribute my artwork to projects definitely kind of made me think “oh, art is a thing that you can do and can be involved in and can create things for other people to experience”, and that was pretty amazing, for a young kid, growing up in the Wimmera.

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