Shepparton Festival Part one


First Artist: Neil Morris 

My name is Neil Morris. I'm very grateful to be a Yorta Yorta person who's grown up on my peoples' land. I grew up in Mooroopna and Shepparton.  

I've been involved with the festival from multiple angles: I've been involved as a community member; I've been a board member of the festival 

and I've been an artist at the festival. 

Change doesn't necessarily always happen quickly but when you get involved with something like  this you can see that incremental change, and I feel that Shepparton festival has, it's hard to say, it's subjective to say but you definitely feel that there's something there that's had an impact. 

For me it's very much about, as an Indigenous person responsibility, cultural responsibility and it's just natural that that flows across into the arts. 

That's what music and my art has always been about it's about putting culture into a place whatever format that looks like, and for those people to walk away  

being somewhat transformed.  

Ultimately, Shepparton is the place in the world that I want to come on this journey as much as anywhere, at the end of the day.  

Second Artist: Kyla McGregor

I'm Kyla McGregor and I'm the creative director and founder of Awaken Dance Theatre Company. 

So I work with a lot of students and saw a desire from these kids to do more creatively in the community. 

I love the community here. There's such a sense of support and encouragement and I think everyone is creative. I think everyone has the potential to create. 

I'm really inspired by the unique places around me. Our third project of the quarry, this was just a phenomenal, beautiful space and it's pretty awesome when you walk in that space, the size of it, the beauty of it  even the acoustics of the space are amazing. And I know when the cast walked in for the first time they were pretty amazed. 

We want to engage our audience, we want them to feel something and be moved when they come and see it. And they know what they're doing is really unique and special because there isn't another group like this, where we are. 

Third Artist: Bill Kelly

I've never met a river red gum that I haven't loved .  

My name's Bill Kelly and I mostly make pictures.  That's what I've been doing the last forty or so years. Largely they relate to ideas of human rights, environment reconciliation and social justice. 

As much as I love being in the studio on my own, I really also love collaborating with people. I'm very lucky in that I get a chance to do all these really exciting things  

and work with wonderful people here in Australia and overseas. 

I believe in the power of community, and I believe in the importance of people coming together and celebrating their strengths, and applauding each other. 

The Shepparton Festival is really quite special. When I'm here and I get to see a play, get to see a concert, I get to see some exhibitions I just think how lucky we are.  

It's very, very bright the future, incredibly positive. 

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