Shepparton Festival Part three


First Artist: Kaye Poulton

My name’s Kaye Poulton and I’m a practicing ceramic artist.

At the moment,  I’m doing a lot of teaching in the GV. I have a small group of dedicated people who come around to my home and they really enjoy learning about ceramics. How to create work. And they’re gradually building skills Which is a wonderful thing to see.

I’ve had a solo exhibition through the Shepp Festival, which was two years ago.

That was called ‘Bottled Up and Bowled Over’, which was a lovely little exhibition in a local restaurant. That’s one thing you can do in Shepparton - you can usually find somewhere to exhibit.

I’ve been a practicing ceramic artist for a long time and I’m still not bored with it. I’m still enjoying it. So I’ll keep making, I’ll keep teaching and just involving myself in the general arts scene.

One of the things I really about this area is because that the land is so flat you really notice the change in light. The sunrise can be really spectacular if you’re up early enough to see it. And also the sunsets, they’re amazing. You can see the stars, you can see the moon. It’s beautiful.

Second Artist: Dery

Hi I’m Dery. I’m an artist. I do painting, drawing, and mural. I also do music.

What I like living in GV is all the different artists inspire me. And, as an artist, I feel appreciated and valued.

The place in Shepparton that inspires me is Shepparton Botanical Gardens.

I like to go to the gardens because it’s such a beautiful place for painting.

When I was a kid I always help my mum to plant the flowers and everything. That’s why when everytime I see a flower, it always reminds me, like “This is, yeah, I used to do this with my mum”.

My hope for the future is to become a full-time artist. And travelling over the world just for painting murals.

Third Artist: Robert Baxter

Hi I’m Robert Baxter and I’m an all-round performer and teacher.

I love involving myself in creative projects, whether that’s dancing, music, modelling, or dance teaching.  Seeing the young creatives learn and grow is something that really inspires me.

I appreciate the GV because it’s small enough that I feel like I know everybody but big enough that there are plenty of opportunities for creatives to thrive.

In previous years, I’ve been lucky enough to perform at the Shepparton Festival, but to everyone in my family it means something different. To my sister it’s an opportunity for her to perform in the future, and to my dad it’s an opportunity to spend time with his family and enjoy live music, and my mum gets the food trucks because she just loves all different types of food!

I’m always really inspired by the spaces I get to perform in. Places like Eastbank, Westside Performing Arts Centre and Amy Newton Dance Studios offer a platform for self-expression and allow me to interact with other talented performers.

The arts in Shepparton is such a big deal and I hope after a year of been stuck inside and starved of the opportunity, people can start to appreciate just how special our creative scene is.

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