Hip-Hop for Teens with Dagogo Obogo


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[00:00:12] ♪♪ ['UPTOWN FUNK' by Mark Ronson] ♪♪ 

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[00:00:36] Thank you, guys.

[00:00:38] That was me just really showing 

off and doing my thing.

[00:00:41] I just love dancing.

[00:00:42] My name is Dagogo Obogo.

[00:00:45] I'm a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, performer, 

[00:00:50] And I've been doing this for years. [00:00:51] Can I count - one, two..

[00:00:52] I can't really count, but I love teaching.

[00:00:55] I love inspiring you, young fellas 

that are out there at home.

[00:00:58] I have something to show you today 

but before I do,
[00:01:02] I'm just going to talk about the

[00:01:03] benefits of dance and just a li"le bit 

about dancing, about how far I've come.

[00:01:10] So I started dancing as a kid, I 

started dancing when I was like 17.

[00:01:14] I got into it, studied dance, travelled across 

the world, did a bit of touring.

[00:01:20] and worked with this beautiful establishment called 

the Footscray Community Arts Centre.

[00:01:25] I've been teaching afro beats and Hip-hop, 

and I'm really glad to be here today. [00:01:29] Are you glad?

[00:01:30] So, dance!

[00:01:32] Let me tell you a bit about 

dance, dance is like really fun.

[00:01:35] It gives you a lot of good energy, good 

vibes and is a good form of workout.

[00:01:40] Most times a lot of people are just like 

chillin' just standing, but I love dancing.
[00:01:44] Dance makes me happy, it gives me that good feeling. [00:01:48] During these times where we don't

[00:01:50] have the opportunity to all gather 

together or hang out.
[00:01:54] Just dancing like Tik-Tok videos, [00:01:57] We're just creating these videos so that [00:01:59] you can actually practice at home.

[00:02:01] You can do some dance moves and you can 

dance with me when we see face to face. [00:02:04] Is that cool?

[00:02:05] So before we go on, I want us to 

do a warm up because warm ups are cool. [00:02:09] It helps you get the blood pumping.

[00:02:11] It helps get your energy up and 

it gets you in the mood.
[00:02:14] Like one kid would say, D.J., hit me.
[00:02:19] Ok, we're going to start.
[00:02:20] ♪♪ ['UPTOWN FUNK' by Mark Ronson] ♪♪

[00:02:23] We're going to jump side to 

side, then put your hands up.
[00:02:27] Snap, come on.
[00:02:31] Turn around, Skip.
[00:02:34] Now we're going to walk. [00:02:36] This is the grapevine, whoop!

[00:02:39] Now we're going to turn around 

and clap in the air.
[00:02:47] Now, we're going to do some star jumps.

[00:02:53] We're going to face the other way. [00:03:06] Stay forward and hands out like this. [00:03:08] Pass the wave.
[00:03:09] Pass the wave.

[00:03:10] And pass the wave. [00:03:13] Good, lean side to side.

[00:03:15] As if you're trying to pull 

ropes from side to side.
[00:03:21] Then throw it up in the air [00:03:22] and hit the woah
[00:03:23] Good, grapevine again. [00:03:27] Woo, turn around.
[00:03:29] Keep going.
[00:03:33] We're going to go side to side. [00:03:34] Now raise your hands up, good. [00:03:40] Take a photo, and freeze. [00:03:43] Hands in the air.

[00:03:47] Good, now we start with some stretches. [00:03:50] All the way.
[00:03:52] Stretch your hands.
[00:03:53] And switch the other way.

[00:03:56] ♪♪ (Julio. Get the stretch.) ♪♪ [00:03:58] You see, get the stretch.

[00:04:00] Hands up in the air.
[00:04:01] All the way down.
[00:04:03] Good.
[00:04:05] Drop the shoulders, to the back. [00:04:08] Nice.

[00:04:09] Forward.
[00:04:13] Stretch your arms this way.
[00:04:16] Good.
[00:04:18] I'm ge"ing you guys ready and in the mood. [00:04:22] All the way down.
[00:04:23] Nice.

[00:04:25] Reach the hands out.
[00:04:27] Feel the stretch here and swap. [00:04:30] All the way to the other side. [00:04:33] Go into lunges.
[00:04:38] And switch.
[00:04:41] Stretch it out.
[00:04:44] Now shake it around.
[00:04:46] We're not there yet, we're almost done. [00:04:51] And bounce.
[00:04:53] Nice, all right.

[00:04:55] This very part, I want us to 

do a li"le bit of freestyle.
[00:04:58] All right.
[00:04:58] I'm going to do my own freestyle. [00:05:00] You're going to do yours. Are you ready? [00:05:03] Now let's pose and wait.
[00:05:04] Good, show me what you've got.

[00:05:08] I'm waiting.
[00:05:09] You guys want to see me dance? [00:05:11] I'm going to do a li"le slide. [00:05:14] and I'm going to do a handstand. [00:05:16] Turn around.
[00:05:20] ♪♪ (Upbeat music plays) ♪♪

[00:05:23] Last stretch, all the way that way. [00:05:32] And do a big jump and turn. [00:05:34] Thank you guys.
[00:05:36] I'm really sweaty.

[00:05:39] I'm really sweaty right now.
[00:05:40] Thank you.
[00:05:42] So that was a warm-up.
[00:05:43] Remember, the benefits of warm-ups are [00:05:46] To keep the blood pumping,

[00:05:47] Keep you in the mind frame, [00:05:49] Get you ready and get you excited.

[00:05:53] And I hope I've done all that. [00:05:55] All right.

[00:05:56] Before we start, I'm going 

to explain a few movements.
[00:05:59] I'm going to explain a li"le bit about Hip-hop. [00:06:02] Now, hip-hop is not a style.

[00:06:04] People think Hip-hop is a style where 

you have to point your toes,
[00:06:07] you have to do the jazz turn and all those things. [00:06:09] But hip-hop is an expression.
[00:06:11] It was used in New York, in the Bronx,
[00:06:13] where people used Hip-hop as a form of expression, [00:06:16] to say how happy they are feeling,
[00:06:19] if they want to react to something,
[00:06:20] "The Crump" instead of them fighting,

[00:06:23] or they used Hip-hop as a form of exercise or 

something to keep them busy and really happy.

[00:06:28] Hip-hop has gone global and here in the 

shores of Australia, everyone is doing Hip-hop.

[00:06:34] There's commercial Hip-hop, there's 

urban, there's street, there's break-dancing. [00:06:39] There's a lot of them.

[00:06:40] I'm going to teach you a bit of commercial 

because commercial is where you can do your [00:06:44] thing and just really groove.
[00:06:46] All right.
[00:06:47] A few moves we do in commercial is a slide. [00:06:49] I'm going to stop.

[00:06:50] I'm going to slide, slide to the right.

[00:06:52] So when you're sliding, you're moving your right 

leg and bring this le# leg together.

[00:06:56] Now you do it the same way the other way, 

(legs) together. [00:06:59] So do it again.

[00:07:00] We go one, close the leg and 

we go two, close the legs.

[00:07:04] But now slides are not complete without the hands, 

so you can go boom, push it that way [00:07:08] and then push it this way. [00:07:09] Then you can add the head turn.

[00:07:11] Good, so I'm going to go one, 

two, three, four, five, six.
[00:07:18] Good.
[00:07:19] Together. Next off is the side to side jump. [00:07:23] Like this, as if you're skipping.
[00:07:24] Three and four.
[00:07:25] You can go forward and back.
[00:07:26] A lot of people do those jumps.

[00:07:28] So if you're like dancing in the party but 

you're trying to get yourself warmed up and you [00:07:32] have nothing to do, just do the side-skips.

[00:07:35] Forward and back.
[00:07:38] Good, as easy as that.
[00:07:40] You guys remember the first one?

[00:07:42] Of course you do, slide to the 

right, slide to the le#.
[00:07:45] Skip, skip, skip, skip, skip. Boom. [00:07:48] All right.

[00:07:49] We're going to add a li"le bit of 

spicy moves, something that makes it look cool.

[00:07:54] So we're going to do criss-cross 

and we're going to turn around. [00:07:56] See what I did?

[00:07:57] My legs went apart, crossed it, 

turn around, so my hands are in the air.

[00:08:03] Sometimes if you want to 

do your li"le pre"y wings.
[00:08:06] If you're doing the criss-cross and turning around,

you want to raise them up like me.
[00:08:09] Show your big muscles, and you go 'Bam!'

[00:08:13] Cool, we're going to try that with music, OK, from 

the first move to the second one and the third one. [00:08:18] So hit me.

[00:08:23] So if you want to start dancing sometimes 

you can just go side to side. [00:08:26] Now, good.

[00:08:29] And then you start like this, 

moving the shoulders to get ready.

[00:08:32] We're going to do the 

three moves I taught you.
[00:08:33] Five, six, seven, slide, slide, slide. [00:08:42] Good.
[00:08:43] Now other hand.
[00:08:43] And now we're going to do the jump. [00:08:48] I'm going to go forward and

backwards, and a criss-cross.
[00:08:55] You see? You ready?
[00:08:56] We're going to try it again. [00:08:58] One, two, three.
[00:09:01] Let's go.
[00:09:01] Slide. Push it up, other hand too. [00:09:08] Now, we're going to do the skip. [00:09:14] Forward and back.
[00:09:14] Criss-cross. And point! [00:09:19] Thank you.
[00:09:20] That was pre"y awesome.

[00:09:22] So those are basic Hip-hop 

movements that everyone can do. [00:09:27] You can do it. [00:09:28] I'm sure everyone can. [00:09:29] Mums, Dads. [00:09:31] You can.

[00:09:32] All right.
[00:09:32] So remember, we did a slide to the right,

[00:09:35] We did the hops, they call them the skips, 

[00:09:38] Criss-Cross, and your favourite - [00:09:41] –I know you guys like this one–. [00:09:42] This is called the 'Woah'. [00:09:44] I tell you guys how the Woah goes.

[00:09:46] If someone tells you, 'oh, my God, 

I just bought a new phone'.

[00:09:48] You're like 'Whoa!' 

And that's how it started.
[00:09:51] That's the origin.
[00:09:52] It was like, Whoa.
[00:09:53] And everyone does the Whoa now. [00:09:55] I'm sure you know how to do it.
[00:09:56] I'm going to teach you guys a basic movement.

[00:09:58] All right?
[00:09:58] So you going to raise this up,
[00:10:00] And as it's coming down, you're going to switch the hands.

[00:10:02] You're going to clench your fist and 

you're going to go, boom!

[00:10:06] So the right hand goes down 

and the le# hand goes up

[00:10:08] Then you shake your head like that. 

[00:10:10] Like you are in awe of what that person has said, 

you're like, 'Oh my God'

[00:10:16] –'Oh!, in Melbourne we can now go around!' 

[00:10:20] –'All the shops are open today!'... So that's it.

[00:10:24] So you can use the Woah to finish your moves, 

or you can use the Woah for every big beat,

[00:10:27] you're going boom, 

so you can go "kah, kah, bah, pah, boom!" [00:10:30] So we're going to add it again to music.

[00:10:33] Let's see how we do, 

how we roll, keep going.
[00:10:37] Good. One, two, three, slide. [00:10:41] Woo, and jump, forward and back [00:10:47] crisscrossing and then bounce. [00:10:53] Get the Woah, that's it, you see? [00:10:59] I waited for that part to go boom!

[00:11:02] We've done four movements that you 

can confidently do in hip-hop. [00:11:08] Remember the slide, slide.

[00:11:12] You can do fast slides, and 

you can do slow slides. [00:11:15] All right?
[00:11:15] So we did the slides.

[00:11:17] The second one was the hops, 

side to side.
[00:11:20] Two, three and four, forward and back.

[00:11:23] And the third movement was 

a criss-cross and spin.
[00:11:27] And the last one was your favourite.

[00:11:29] When you throw it up and you hit 

the woah, like boom!

[00:11:34] I've got four movements. 

We're going to try it again with the music.
[00:11:37] And then I've got something else to teach you.
[00:11:40] From one of my favourite musicians and one of my favourite songs. [00:11:44] So you ready?
[00:11:45] Hit me with the music.

[00:11:47] So we'll try it again, we're going to 

bounce side to side like that.
[00:11:50] ♪♪ ['DYNAMITE' by BTS] ♪♪

[00:11:55] Like you're pushing something off you, good! [00:12:00] Then we're going to skip.
[00:12:03] Forward and back, criss-cross.
[00:12:08] Pick it up, let's go!

[00:12:12] So you see?

[00:12:13] With these movements you'll never forget, 

you can do it any day, anytime. [00:12:19] You can use it as a warm-up.

[00:12:23] Do the crisscross, turn 

around and keep doing it.

[00:12:27] I've got something to teach you next. 

To this song.
[00:12:31] ♪♪ ['Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo] ♪♪

[00:12:35] Just listen to it and groove. 

Just follow me for now. [00:12:41] Remember the slide?

[00:12:44] We are going to add some li"le hand moves, [00:12:47] And we're going to clap [claps]
[00:12:50] And then Groove!

[00:12:54] All right, I don't want to show off. 

I really want everyone to be on the same page with me. [00:12:59] So we're going to start learning our routine.

[00:13:02] First off, we're going to groove. 

In Hip-hop, there's this thing called the groove. [00:13:06] Everyone knows a groove.

[00:13:08] I remember I was talking to a prep, and she was like 

'The groove is when you do your own thing?' [00:13:13] Yeah, that's the groove.
[00:13:15] So you can do your own groove.

[00:13:16] Just going side to side, you can go like this, 

you can go like this, you can tap

[00:13:22] your feet or you can just walk around 

ge"ing your energy up.

[00:13:28] Good. So I'm going to do either. [00:13:30] So I'm going to walk around, one and two.

[00:13:34] So you have your swag three, 

four, five, six, seven and eight.
[00:13:41] So eight counts and we're going to slide.

[00:13:44] But this time we're not 

pushing our hands this way.
[00:13:47] The slide is picking stuff and bringing it together,

[00:13:49] Pick and pull, pick and pull, pick and pull [00:13:54] We're going to do that for four counts. [00:13:56] ... five, six, seven.
[00:13:58] One, two, three, four.

[00:14:03] We're going to go hands up, showing your fist 

Big muscles, switch it around.
[00:14:08] You're going to push and bring it up. [00:14:10] Is that too hard? I don't think so.

[00:14:14] Face, muscle. Cross it around. 

Push your feet out like that and up.

[00:14:19] I'm going to count one, two, 

three, four, five, six, again. [00:14:27] Five, six, seven.

[00:14:30] One and two and three and 

four and five and six.

[00:14:35] So I start with my eight counts 

of walking around.
[00:14:38] One, two, three, four

[00:14:41] five, six, seven and eight. 

Do the slide.

[00:14:47] One, two, three and four, 

[00:14:50] Then hands up. 

One and two, drop.

[00:14:50] I like doing that sound.
[00:14:58] Shall we try that with music.
[00:15:01] Of course you want to try it out with music. [00:15:03] From the top, groove.
[00:15:07] ♪♪ ['Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo] ♪♪

[00:15:13] Power stand, go. [00:15:15] ♪♪

[00:15:25] Try again with music one more time. [00:15:26] Five, six, seven.
[00:15:30] ♪♪

[00:15:32] I'm just really grooving. [00:15:34] Good. Adding more energy.

[00:15:44] You see I increased my energy in the first 

count, and I took it my energy higher.

[00:15:50] That's what Hip-hop is all about, 

it's the energy behind it.

[00:15:55] It's the energy you bring and 

receive from the music.
[00:15:58] I'm going to add a few more steps.

[00:16:03] I bring it up, down and drop. 

The next thing you're going to freeze this

[00:16:09] pose and you're going to try to 

clap twice and hop.

[00:16:18] So I did one, two, three, 

four, five, six and seven.
[00:16:23] I'm going to freeze and I'm going clap. [00:16:27] All right.

[00:16:28] So when I clap twice, there's a few 

more moves like this groove.

[00:16:31] This part you're moving forward. 

One and two, three and four..
[00:16:37] Nice. Should we try that with music? [00:16:42] Hit me. This time I'm going

to do a li"le freestyle differently.
[00:16:47] I'm going to get my energy up.
[00:16:48] Come on.
[00:16:50] ♪♪ ['Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo] ♪♪

[00:16:53] ♪♪

[00:16:58] ♪♪

[00:17:00] ♪♪

[00:17:04] I'm grooving. [00:17:06] ♪♪

[00:17:10] How are we going?
[00:17:11] Are you guys having fun?
[00:17:15] Take a break and I'll be back soon.

[00:17:21] We're back, so we're going to a 

recap of what we did at the beginning.

[00:17:26] I'm going to try that with music and I'm going 

to teach you the remaining part

[00:17:32] I really like it and I know you guys will, 

but before we do that, let's try one more
[00:17:37] time with the music.
[00:17:39] Let's go.
[00:17:41] ♪♪ ['Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo] ♪♪

[00:17:48] ♪♪ [00:17:53] ♪♪

[00:18:02] Bring it together.

[00:18:06] The next movements we're going to do 

like break-dance is called "Pop"
[00:18:10] so we're going to pop.
[00:18:11] Popping is just tensing your muscle like that. [00:18:14] So like, boom, pulling your muscle together.

[00:18:17] Tensing it, 

dancing like a robot - that's pop.
[00:18:20] So you're popping and you're locking.

[00:18:23] All right.
[00:18:24] You need to stiffen your body, [00:18:29] But it's part of Hip-hop. [00:18:30] OK, so I'm going to try that. [00:18:31] I'm going to pop to the side.

[00:18:33] We're going to go pop, point our hands 

to the right, point to the le#,

[00:18:38] bring it together and down, 

just like Michael Jackson. [00:18:41] One, two, three, four.

[00:18:44] OK, we're going to turn, 

facing the other way.
[00:18:48] And I know you guys love the moonwalk. [00:18:51] Yeah, I'm going to get to that part.

[00:18:54] So we go five, six, seven point to the right 

Boom, two, three and four. [00:19:00] Switch on the fi#h count,

facing this way. [00:19:04] Do it again.

[00:19:05] One, two, three and four. 

Turn to the side. [00:19:13] Five and six.

[00:19:15] Then when he says run away, run away 

that's when we do the moonwalk.
[00:19:20] So we're running away.
[00:19:21] Two, three, four.
[00:19:23] I'll give you guys the basic steps for the moonwalk.

[00:19:26] Now, everyone thinks the moonwalk is like magic, 

takes a lot of practice, a lot of focus,
[00:19:33] a lot of dancing, and I'm sure you get it.

[00:19:35] So you want to do the moonwalk, you need 

to pop one of the right feet up. [00:19:39] This one is flat.
[00:19:40] One is popped on your toes.

[00:19:41] You need to drag the le# foot back.

[00:19:45] Then as you're dragging your swapping it, 

swap it, swap it, swap it,

[00:19:50] That's how you can glide backwards that easy. [00:19:53] I will do it again.

[00:19:55] Remember, one foot is popped up like this, the other one is flat, 

you drag the flat one backwards a li"le,

[00:20:03] as you're dragging, you're switching it, and then you're 

bringing this one backwards and switching it. [00:20:07] So that's it.

[00:20:10] And I can glide for days. 

Should I keep going?
[00:20:13] Oh no.
[00:20:16] So yeah.
[00:20:16] So we go five, and six, and seven, and eight [00:20:18] Go one, two, three and

four, five, six and seven, and eight.
[00:20:24] And then we go.
[00:20:25] One, two, three, four, five to six to seven and eight.

[00:20:29] Now, if I really want to be fancy, that's 

what Hip-hop gives you, the opportunity to be fancy. [00:20:35] I'm going to hold my hat and I'm going to point. [00:20:38] I'm gonna go down with my head down. [00:20:40] I see a lot of kids do this.

[00:20:42] That's really cool.

[00:20:43] OK, let's take it from the top with music, 

and then I'll teach you the last part.
[00:20:49] That's my favourite.
[00:20:50] ♪♪ ['TAKE YOU DANCING' by Jason Derulo] ♪♪.

[00:20:54] Nice, here you can even cut, you guys like this, am I right? [00:20:57] Cut it, cut. Yeah!

[00:21:02] ♪♪ 

[00:21:08] ♪♪ [00:21:10] ♪♪ [00:21:19] ♪♪

[00:21:20] Nice, and this part is like really freestyle, 

Anything you like.
[00:21:26] So you're ge"ing ready
[00:21:29] Now you are going to point like a superstar. [00:21:33] And take it up.
[00:21:35] And pause. This is the part.

[00:21:39] So when you do the moonwalk backwards, 

One and two, three and four, [00:21:42] five, six, seven, and eight.

[00:21:44] Freestyle, two, three, four, five 

and six and seven, and eight.

[00:21:49] We're going to point like Jason Derulo. 

Point and bring it up like a superstar.

[00:21:55] Look at how my legs are bent. [00:21:56] My eyes are straight looking forward

[00:21:58] Raising my hands up. Bring it back, 

because this time I'm ready for some action,

[00:22:03] Are you guys ready? 

And then when he says, 'let me take you dancing', [00:22:07] That's why we do the hop,

[00:22:08] you know about the hop? 

So all the movements we did at the beginning, [00:22:13] We're going to start pu"ing them in. [00:22:16] We tried our music. Let's go, from the start. [00:22:22] Now I'm going to start as if I want to perform. [00:22:24] ♪♪

[00:22:29] ♪♪ ['Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo] ♪♪ [00:22:36] ♪♪
[00:22:42] ♪♪
[00:22:46] ♪♪

Turn around, and point.

[00:22:53] ♪♪ [00:22:53] ♪♪

[00:22:55] I'll do like a robot, I'll turn around. [00:23:00] Some breakdance moves. [00:23:02] ♪♪

[00:23:05] ♪♪

[00:23:09] 'Let me take you dancing', 

And the we skip, forward and back.

[00:23:14] ♪♪ 


[00:23:21] ♪♪
[00:23:25] My favorite bit, I'm gonna teach you guys this.

[00:23:30] Do a walk and then swap, all the way back. [00:23:35] ♪♪

[00:23:40] and stop.

[00:23:42] All right.
[00:23:43] I'm going to do the running man and that's it.
[00:23:47] OK, so hold on.
[00:23:48] To do the running man.
[00:23:49] Every time you running, it's as if you're running on the spot. [00:23:56] So you switch your legs.
[00:23:57] So you go one, back, replace,
[00:24:01] one, replace, back.
[00:24:04] Then for this pose, we're going to travel that way. [00:24:08] So we're going to go.
[00:24:14] I'm going to travel back.
[00:24:18] Now if you've got siblings at home, you guys can reverse. [00:24:23] You'll be going one way, they go the other way
[00:24:25] Then you reverse. That's the way you do it.
[00:24:30] And you're smiling.

[00:24:31] Oh, then reverse back! Two, three, four 

and then we finish, with a cross

[00:24:39] And then we point. And that's it! 

[00:24:40] [Claps]
[00:24:43] Give yourself a big clap, everyone.

[00:24:45] So, we're going to run it once for the very 

last time, and then we're going to do a cool down.

[00:24:50] Because the cool down helps you relax the muscles, 

helps you relax your breathing [00:24:58] and then keeps you ready [00:25:01] For other things.

[00:25:03] Ready. Let's run it one more time 

with the music a li"le louder.

[00:25:09] So we're in action. We're going to perform it 

in five, four, three, two, one, go!
[00:25:16] ♪♪ ['TAKE YOU DANCING' by Jason Derulo] ♪♪

[00:25:19] Every time I'm changing my pose. [00:25:22] Ready? With all my energy.

[00:25:24] Let's go! [00:25:25] ♪♪

[00:25:31] ♪♪

[00:25:36] ♪♪

[00:25:39] ♪♪

[00:25:44] ♪♪

[00:25:47] ♪♪

[00:25:49] ♪♪

[00:25:55] ♪♪

[00:25:59] ♪♪

[00:26:06] ♪♪ 


[00:26:08] ♪♪ [00:26:15] ♪♪ [00:26:24] ♪♪

[00:26:37] Woo! [Claps]

[00:26:41] So those were basic Hip-hop movements, 

and you were pu"ing some of the movements

[00:26:46] I taught you in the beginning into a song, 

and have a full choreography where you can

[00:26:52] perform at home with your brothers and 

sisters, where you can perform at school.

[00:26:56] Hopefully you guys can send me videos 

and tag me, and the Footscray Community Arts Center. [00:27:02] That would be really cool.

[00:27:05] But before we go, I want us to 

have this awesome cool down.

[00:27:10] I'm breathing really, really hard. 

I need to cool it down
[00:27:12] Maybe play something really slow. [00:27:18] So we're going to start with our

cool down, slowing down our breath. [00:27:23] Inhale, look up.
[00:27:25] ♪♪ [

[00:27:28] Breathe out as you go down [00:27:30] ♪♪

[00:27:34] (breathe) out as you go down. [00:27:36] We'll do that for four counts. [00:27:38] ♪♪

[00:27:44] You want to put your hands this way, 

to the side and feel the stretch. [00:27:49] Arms wide,
[00:27:51] Feel the stretch the other way. [00:27:52] Put your head to the side. [00:27:59] All the way, and the other way, [00:28:04] All the way.

[00:28:06] Hands up, pull back to your neck, pull your neck down.

[00:28:12] Then go all the way down and 

touch your toes if you can,
[00:28:16] You can stretch out your back.
[00:28:21] Nice, so we're going into lunges to the side.

[00:28:29] Swap positions. All the way down. 

feel the strech like, just like when we started, [00:28:39] and then to this side.
[00:28:44] Cool, all the way down.
[00:28:48] This time we're going to hold our feet up, [00:28:52] Pull it towards your stomach.

[00:28:54] While you stretch the other one, and 

then you can roll the ankles. [00:28:59] Then go the opposite way [00:29:01] Switch legs
[00:29:05] ♪♪

[00:29:06] we roll the opposite way.
[00:29:09] Nice. Kick it off. Take them to the back.

[00:29:20] Into the back, nice.
[00:29:25] All right, shake it up, walk around for a bit. [00:29:30] ♪♪

[00:29:29] Woo!
[00:29:32] Thank you guys for having this awesome dance session with me. [00:29:35] I really want to say,
[00:29:37] The benefits of dance can't be over-emphasised.
[00:29:41] Makes you feel good.

[00:29:42] It's a good form of workout, 

good form of confidence building.

[00:29:47] And if you can dance, you are really cool.

[00:29:52] Everyone thinks you're cool, just like me.

[00:29:53] Do you think I'm cool?

[00:29:54] Yeah. So I want you guys to get on this.

[00:29:57] I want you guys to practice with me, 

[00:30:00] Follow all the instructions, create your own,

[00:30:02] add your own moves, add your spice, your swag. [00:30:05] And hope to see you guys again soon. [00:30:08] Remember, keep dancing.
[00:30:10] But before we go, there's a dance party. [00:30:13] Hit me with the first jam.

[00:30:15] ♪♪ [DYNAMITE By BTS]
[00:30:18] So in this part you can bring dad and mum in,

[00:30:21] bring all your friends, and then party! Let's go! [00:30:26] ♪♪ [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS]

[00:30:27] ♪♪ [00:30:35] ♪♪ [00:30:38] ♪♪ [00:30:44] ♪♪ [00:30:54] ♪♪ [00:31:00] ♪♪ [00:31:15] ♪♪

[00:31:23] ♪♪ [00:31:32] ♪♪

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