Juggling at Home with Dylan Singh


[00:00:14] [Music] 


[00:00:26] Hi there, I'm Dylan. 


[00:00:27] I'm a circus performer, and today
I'm going to show you how to make your own juggling balls, 


[00:00:33] and how to juggle three balls by the end of this lesson.


[00:00:36] All you need is a funnel,


[00:00:40] Some scissors, Some old fabric you have lying
around the house,


[00:00:48] Some balloons and some rice. 


[00:00:53] it Doesn't have to be rice. 
You can use muesli or a similar item 


[00:00:58] to put inside the balls to make them squishy and easy to use.


[00:01:01] [Music]


[00:01:03] The first thing I'm going to show you how
to do is make some juggling scarves


[00:01:16] This is where we're going to need
our scissors and a piece of fabric.


[00:01:27] Now, I'm going to take the scissors
and I'm going to cut a nice big square shape


[00:01:32] About that big.


[00:01:48] It doesn't have to be perfect,
just enough that it's like a hanky.


[00:01:57] And now I have my juggling scarf!


[00:02:02] Cut as many of these as you need to learn how to juggle.


[00:02:07] I'm just going to start with one.


[00:02:09] All the tricks that I'm about to share, you can do with the scarf or with the juggling ball. 


[00:02:14] If you don't know how to catch a ball very well,
use the scarf first.


[00:02:19] Because it floats in the air and it's much easier to catch.


[00:02:21] [Music]


[00:02:26] Now we're going to try to learn
how to make juggling balls from home.


[00:02:30] We have our rice and our container.


[00:02:33] We have our funnel.


[00:02:34] We've got some balloons.


[00:02:36] The first thing to do is to fill our balloon with some rice,


[00:02:41] So we are going to blow up the balloon nice and big.


[00:02:58] You then set the funnel upside down,


[00:03:00] And you are going to try to put the neck of the balloon over
the top, just like that! 


[00:03:09]  it's good to get a friend to help you out with this. 


[00:03:16] So there's a little bit of air to trapped in there,


[00:03:20] Try to pour the rice in.


[00:03:28] Try to let go of that air,


[00:03:37] and shake the rice into the balloon.


[00:03:43] It's going to get a little trapped at the top.


[00:03:45] So what you do is take the balloon,
pull it down, trying to squeeze the rice into the balloon.


[00:03:51] We just want to make the balloon about a normal size ball.


[00:03:59] Then tip the rice into the container and tie-up the balloon.


[00:04:10] See how I'm stretching the top?


[00:04:13] I'm doing that to push all the rice down into the middle.


[00:04:18] I pinch it and then I tie it off so that no rice will come out. 


[00:04:31] You should end up with a little balloon size package of rice.


[00:04:39] From there, we're going to try to make
our juggling ball a little bit neater.


[00:04:44] So we take another balloon and chop it right
down here, where it starts to become a little bit wider.


[00:04:54] So you end up with a nice and stretchy bowl shape.


[00:05:01] Now, we're going to stretch it out like a showercap


[00:05:05] And we're going to place that little tab of the
balloon into that new part, wrapping it right around


[00:05:17] Our encased rice balloon. 


[00:05:21] Now we've done one, 
I'm going to do another one.


[00:05:26] You can pick whatever colours you like and you
can mix and match to make your own colour juggling balls. 


[00:05:32] You can do this as many times as you like to make
as many juggling balls as you want. 


[00:05:37] And again, you just put that over the balloon.


[00:05:41] Encasing just like that.


[00:05:47] Give it another squeeze a couple of times;
get the rice to move around


[00:05:50] And bang! We have some juggling balls.


[00:05:56] I'm going to make three juggling balls to show you some tricks.


[00:06:02] [Music]


[00:06:06] Once you've made the juggling balls,


[00:06:08] –Or if you don't have the equipment to make juggling balls,


[00:06:11] You can just use tennis balls, or any 
kind of ball that fits in your hand –


[00:06:15] The first thing to do is to learn a couple of one hand tricks. 


[00:06:20] And what we're going to start off with
a single juggling,


[00:06:23] Throw it straight up and straight down into one hand.


[00:06:31] Try to do that about ten times.
That's going to teach our head how to throw it and


[00:06:36] how to catch it.


[00:06:38] Once you are done with one hand, swap it
over to the other hand, 


[00:06:42] And do the same on the other side.


[00:06:49] We're going to try to get about ten catches on each hand.
Once we've done that, we're going to go on to the next step:


[00:06:58] Practicing some tricks.


[00:07:00] If you feel like you have the
ability to catch with one hand,


[00:07:04] See if you can throw it


[00:07:05] over your other arm and catch it with the same hand


[00:07:14] If you can do that, see if you
can throw it under your leg.


[00:07:19] Swapping hands.


[00:07:24] If you are really good at that,
try throwing it around your back and over your shoulder.


[00:07:32] What about the other side?


[00:07:38] From there, we're going to practice how to start the 
first part of juggling with three balls. 


[00:07:44] In order to do that, we need to be able to throw one ball,
from one side to the other.


[00:07:50] When we do that, we're going to imagine
a big rainbow from one hand to the other.


[00:07:56] We're going to try and throw that ball,
in that rainbow, from hand to hand.


[00:08:06] Try to get ten catches. If you can do ten catches, 
you are going to add in a clap in between


[00:08:14] When you throw it and when you catch it.


[00:08:18] Right, here we go.


[00:08:24] If you get really good at that, see if you
can do two claps, three claps, maybe even four claps.


[00:08:34] See how many claps you can get before you catch it,
making sure to throw the ball 


[00:08:39] In that rainbow every single time. 
We want to try to get ten catches in a row.


[00:08:46] For the next step we're going to throw, and 
we're going to try to touch our katching-hand on to our thigh.


[00:08:56] So I just throw the ball up,
over into this hand, and before it lands


[00:09:01] I want to hit my thigh and catch it.


[00:09:04] Okay, let's give it a shot.


[00:09:08] All right! I can do it!,
now I'm going to do it to the other side.


[00:09:16] Got it!


[00:09:18] This time I want to see if I can
go back and forth without stopping. 


[00:09:25] Every single time, making sure that I hit 
my catching hand on my thigh.


[00:09:38] The next step from there is to try
to take our catching hand and touch our opposite shoulder.


[00:09:45] It's important to remember this step because by
touching the opposite shoulder, what we're doing


[00:09:51] is trying to teach our body
to throw the ball before we catch it.


[00:09:58] It will make more sense once we start trying with two balls.


[00:10:02] But for now, we're going to throw
the ball over and with our catching hand,


[00:10:07] Touch our opposite shoulder.


[00:10:09] Here we go.


[00:10:12] Try the other side.


[00:10:17] Back and forth.


[00:10:22] From there, we're going to pretend we're
throwing the ball with our catching hand, before we catch.


[00:10:30] So if here's my imaginary ball, and just
like I would touch my shoulder,


[00:10:35] I'm going to pretend to throw that 
ball before catching my actual first ball.


[00:10:41] All right? Here we go!


[00:10:43] Pretend ball, real ball,


[00:10:45] and throw and catch!


[00:10:47] all right, try the other side. 


[00:10:49] Throw and catch. 


[00:10:51] all right, Here we go. 


[00:10:53] Throw and catch.


[00:10:55] From here, we want to try to get 
back and forth ten times. 


[00:11:03] Now before you move onto the next trick, you want to
try to get ten throws in a row without dropping.


[00:11:11] It's OK if you do! Just keep practicing until you
get it before you move on to the next trick. 


[00:11:15] [Music]


[00:11:19] Now, we're going to try to use two balls!


[00:11:24] This is where it gets a little bit trickier,
and we'll have to use our brain power in order to do this.


[00:11:29] The first thing to do is to throw each ball,
individually, in each side.


[00:11:37] That means I'm going to take my black ball
and throw it on this side.


[00:11:44] And throwing my white ball straight after that.


[00:11:49] I'll show you how it goes.


[00:11:51] So we do one.


[00:11:53] Then we do it on the other side.


[00:12:00] All right, now we're going to try to do a non-stop.


[00:12:04] That means that as soon as my black ball 
gets to the top of my throw,


[00:12:10] I'm getting ready to throw my white ball,
and it's going to do this in the air continuously,


[00:12:18] Let's see if I can do it.


[00:12:19] It should look like this.


[00:12:20] One, two, one, two, one, two, one.


[00:12:28] All right, if we can do that, we're going to move on
to the next step.


[00:12:33] Remember we are always trying to get ten 
throws before we move onto the next one.


[00:12:38] Next we're going to try to strike both balls
at the same height, at the same time.


[00:12:45] OK, we don't want them to get too high compared to
the other, otherwise it's going to be too hard to catch.


[00:12:51] We want to show them consistently at
the same height, every single time.


[00:12:57] Let's see if I can do five in a row.


[00:13:04] One, two, three,


[00:13:09] Four, last one, five! Did it!


[00:13:16] Now we're to step into
the actual part of juggling.


[00:13:19] We're going to try to make these two swap sides.


[00:13:24] Firstly, we're going to do that at exactly the
same time.


[00:13:28] ere we go. Using that rainbow shape,


[00:13:32] They're going to cross over.


[00:13:34] Hopefully they won't hit me in the air. 


[00:13:36] Let's see if I can do five


[00:13:44] One, two, three, four and five. 


[00:13:44] Okay. Next challenge.


[00:13:56] So now we're going to do the exact same throw as before, crossing the balls over,


[00:14:01] but this time we're going to do it one ball at a time.


[00:14:05] Let's say this ball is number one
and this ball is number  two.


[00:14:11] We're gonna throw number one first in that same pattern.


[00:14:14] When it gets to about here, we're going
to throw the ball number two underneath,


[00:14:20] So they cross over in the air, landing back in our hands.


[00:14:23] It should look like this. 


[00:14:26] One, two,


[00:14:28] Do you see that?


[00:14:29] Watch carefully. I'll do it again.


[00:14:33] One, two.


[00:14:35] Now I'll do that without stopping five times. 


[00:14:44] One, two,


[00:14:47] one, two.


[00:14:49] One, two,


[00:14:52] One, two.


[00:14:54] One, two. Cool! Five times!
pretty good hey?


[00:14:58] Now comes the tricky part,


[00:15:01] Just like before, we did ten throws with two balls,


[00:15:06] we are going to go up to ten throws with three.


[00:15:09] So we've got ball number one, we've got ball number two.


[00:15:15] And then in the same hand as ball number one, 
we are going to have imaginary ball number three.


[00:15:22] We're going to keep that same crossover pattern going 


[00:15:28] And we're going to throw them individually 
one, two and three.


[00:15:35] It looks like this.


[00:15:38] One, two. 


[00:15:39] And three.


[00:15:41] I'm going to slap my thigh up to represent my imaginary ball three.


[00:15:49] OK, here we go.


[00:15:51] One, two.


[00:15:53] Slap, catch.


[00:15:54] Did you see that?


[00:15:56] It's pretty tricky!


[00:15:57] But I bet you can do it.
Try again! 


[00:16:01] One, two, slap, catch!


[00:16:05] Let's see if I can do five in a row. 


[00:16:06] One, two, slap, catch.


[00:16:09] One, two, slap, catch.. 


[00:16:11] One, two, slap, catch.


[00:16:13] One, two, slap, catch.


[00:16:15] One, two, slap, catch.
all right!


[00:16:18] If you think you're pretty good with slapping the thigh, 


[00:16:25] The next step is to tap your shoulder like before.


[00:16:28] And we're going to imagine that
we're actually throwing that third ball, okay? 


[00:16:34] Let's give it a shot


[00:16:37] one, two, tap, catch.


[00:16:41] all right? In my head, throw the imaginary third ball.


[00:16:45] One, two, straight to the third ball!


[00:16:47] Did you see what I did there? Instead of touching
my shoulder, I'm pretending to throw the ball.


[00:16:53] But for now, tapping on the shoulder is
going to be our training to add the third ball.


[00:17:00] Let's see if I can do five in a row.


[00:17:02] One, two, three,


[00:17:04] One, two, three.


[00:17:07] One, two, three.


[00:17:08]  one, two, three,


[00:17:10] One more!
One, two, three! 


[00:17:13] [Music]


[00:17:17] Now, after two balls, we start moving to the next step:
Three balls!


[00:17:21] Three balls please! 
[Phew!] Magic!


[00:17:23] This is the really tricky part!


[00:17:27] In order to get this, we have to allow ourselves
to drop the balls. Usually in juggling


[00:17:34] You don't want to drop the balls, but
when you're learning, it's all right to drop the balls.


[00:17:38] We're going to do three throws, right the way we've been practising, one after the other.


[00:17:46] But this time we're not going to catch it.


[00:17:49] We're just working on the throws.
We'll soon learn how to catch them.


[00:17:55] Here we go.


[00:17:56] I've got ball number one at The top, 
I've got phone number two in my other hand,


[00:18:03] I've got ball number three here,


[00:18:06] And just like we practiced with our imaginary throws, 
I'm going to do it for real. Crossing over with each throw.


[00:18:13] But this time we're going to let
the balls fall to the ground.


[00:18:18] It looks like this. Here we go. 


[00:18:20] One, two, three.


[00:18:23] Boom. Did you see how I didn't catch them that time?


[00:18:26] That's fine, because what we're trying to
learn is how to throw the balls.


[00:18:31] The next part is how to catch them.


[00:18:34] So practice that ten times getting each throw to come half,


[00:18:40] because the next step is to go:
Throw, throw, throw, catch, catch, catch.


[00:18:46] That's a little bit trickier.


[00:18:48] But in order to get our brain to learn this, throwing them
down to the side will be just enough.


[00:18:55] One, two, three.


[00:19:00] Next step: Adding those catches,


[00:19:05] one throw, two throws, three throws, catch, catch, catch,


[00:19:11] It gets tricky at this point because there is a lot to remember, and there is a lot to think about.


[00:19:16] So I say to myself, Throw, throw,
throw, catch, catch, catch. 


[00:19:24] That tricks my brain into doing what I'm saying,


[00:19:27] Just like this: throw, throw, throw, catch, catch, catch.


[00:19:31] And that way I don't get confused.


[00:19:34] Throw, throw, throw, catch, catch, catch. 


[00:19:42] Throw, throw, throw, catch, catch, catch.


[00:19:46] Once you get to this stage
you can juggle three balls.


[00:19:51] Congratulations!


[00:19:52] But now we're going to try to continue that,
and juggle three balls for as long as we can.


[00:20:00] At this point, we have all the information that we need to learn how to juggle.


[00:20:06] We have to keep following those steps,


[00:20:08] And if you get stuck, just go back and practice that
all again, until you get up to this point.


[00:20:15] One throw is always the same. 


[00:20:19] All you're doing is just keeping that pattern going
 by following the throws.


[00:20:24] Let me show you. 


[00:20:27] Throw, throw, throw, throw, throw,
keep the pattern going.


[00:20:31] All I'm doing is throwing;
throw, throw, throw, throw, throw, throw, throw! 


[00:20:36] Do you remember back at the start, 
when we practised this?


[00:20:42] That's all we're doing!


[00:20:44] But now we're adding three balls instead of one.


[00:20:48] Let's try that again, let's see if I can
slow it down so you can see it really well.


[00:20:56] Throw, throw, throw,


[00:20:58] Throw, throw, throw, 


[00:20:59] throw, throw...


[00:21:08] Ta-dah! 


[00:21:11] After you've learned that, I'm going to take you
into several tricks that you can practice,


[00:21:16] Once you've learned how to do three-ball juggle.


[00:21:19] But first you have to get that three-ball 
juggling done, so practice hard.


[00:21:25] All right, we'll start with a triple Cascade, 
once you've done your three-ball cascade, then the


[00:21:34] world opens up and you can try many different tricks.


[00:21:38] Im going to go through a couple of tricks for you to try
once you've learned how to juggle three balls.


[00:21:44] This one I like to call "One in the middle, two on the
outside", and it looks like this. 


[00:21:50] Try to watch the white ball.


[00:21:57] Did you see that?


[00:21:58] I know, that pretty fast.
We'll try again.


[00:22:06] Pretty cool, right?


[00:22:08] Let's break this down for you to learn
once you're done with the three-ball cascade.


[00:22:14] Now, you've got the normal pattern, crossing-over, each time.


[00:22:19] Instead of throwing your ball over to the other side, 
you are going to throw it right up in the middle.


[00:22:28] As you do that, you're going to
try to catch it with the same hand.


[00:22:32] But beforehand, you
throw two balls on the outside.


[00:22:38] Imagine I'm juggling right now.


[00:22:41] I throw the white one into the middle,


[00:22:44] It goes right up high.


[00:22:46] As it's coming down, I'm going to 
throw the two outside balls up.


[00:22:54]  When this ball is about to come down,


[00:22:57] All I'm thinking about is going back into my Juggling pattern.


[00:23:04] So: I juggle, and middle! Outside! Keep turning them!


[00:23:10] Did you see that? Were you paying attention?


[00:23:13] It's pretty tricky!


[00:23:15] As that ball comes out, I catch it.


[00:23:19] And I continue the three ball cascade
pattern, like I did before.


[00:23:24] OK, one more time,
and then you guys can go and practice this trick.


[00:23:29] Here we go.


[00:23:31] Juggle,


[00:23:33] Pick my ball,


[00:23:35] Throw it into the middle, two on the outside!
Keep juggling!


[00:23:38] Let's see if I can do that three times in a row.


[00:23:41] One. 


[00:23:44] Two. 


[00:23:46] Three!


[00:23:50] All right! Once you get good at that you can keep that
pattern going as long as you want,


[00:23:56] And then whenever you want to, you tell yourself 
"All right, it's time to get back into the juggling"


[00:24:02] And this is what it looks like,


[00:24:04] Juggle!


[00:24:09] All right, now time to get back into my juggling pattern.


[00:24:15] There we go. Pretty cool!


[00:24:18] Practise this until you get these two outside throws
very well, because the next trick


[00:24:24] That I'm about to show you, incorporates what we've
learned of crossing the balls over.


[00:24:29] Except in this trick we'll have one in the middle as well.


[00:24:32] I will show you this trick first, 
and then I'm going to try to break it down. 


[00:24:39] Here we go.


[00:24:40] I'm juggling.


[00:24:41] I'm juggling.


[00:24:45] One in the middle, two, cross over.


[00:24:49] I'll try that again, here we go.


[00:24:52] One, cross over


[00:24:54] I'll do it a third time.


[00:24:59] One, cross over...


[00:25:01] Did you like that one?


[00:25:02] Pretty cool right?


[00:25:04] So it's the same concept as before.


[00:25:07] We take our chosen ball, we throw up in the middle


[00:25:12] Here's where it gets tricky:
instead of throwing the two balls on the outside, like this,


[00:25:18] We have to cross them over
as the white ball is coming down.


[00:25:22] That's where it gets a little confusing. 


[00:25:22] if you want, break this trick down into trying,


[00:25:29] And then catching and stopping.


[00:25:31] You do it like this:


[00:25:34] You juggle, you throw the ball up, cross over, 
catch and stop. 


[00:25:38] If you drop, that's fine.


[00:25:39] That's the whole point.


[00:25:42] We want to try to learn how to do it consecutively,
like we said before, with ten catches in a row.


[00:25:51] Here we go!


[00:25:53] I'll try to do it three times in a row 
without stopping. 


[00:26:04] I did it!


[00:26:05] Oh, it's tricky! 


[00:26:09] For this trick we're stepping into some really tricky territory.


[00:26:13] And if you can do it,
then you're the ultimate juggle master.


[00:26:17] I have more tricks to show you,


[00:26:18] But firstly, let's get down to this one,
because I find it really, really cool.


[00:26:24] We're going to juggle continuously, and then
when feel like we're ready,


[00:26:29] We're going to take the outside hand, ball number one,
and we're going to try to throw it under our arm,


[00:26:35] And keep juggling, OK?


[00:26:38] It looks like this.


[00:26:42] Try to watch the white ball.


[00:26:44] See what I do with the white ball. 
All right, then I go: catch, throw under the arm, 


[00:26:49] and I keep juggling. 


[00:26:50] I'll do that again.


[00:26:57] I know it looks pretty tricky, but if
you follow the steps you should be OK.


[00:27:02] Now as you start your second ball, you're going to take 
your first ball and tuck it underneath your arm,


[00:27:14] While you're throwing the second ball.


[00:27:16] One way you can practice that, is by doing this:


[00:27:20] We're going to throw this ball one underneath.
Throw it underneath.


[00:27:25] Just getting used to this action.


[00:27:29] For now we're going to pretend this is number one, 
but once we're juggling, it is going to be the second ball.


[00:27:40] It might sound confusing, but once you do it a 
couple of times, you'll understand what I mean,


[00:27:44] So I'm going to throw number one.


[00:27:47] Taking our number three ball and tucking it underneath.


[00:27:52] OK? 


[00:27:55] That's all we're going to practice for now.


[00:27:57] Throw, underneath, 
throw, underneath.


[00:28:04] Then, we try adding in a juggling pattern.


[00:28:09] This is number one. Number one
does the normal pattern like we practiced.


[00:28:15] This is number two now.


[00:28:17] It does the same throw that we've always
been doing. But now we're adding that tricky


[00:28:22] third throw into the whole pattern.


[00:28:25] OK, let's see if we can do it.


[00:28:35] One, two, three, catch.


[00:28:39] Did you see that? It Does get a bit blurred, 
but I'll try to break it down really slowly so you can see.


[00:28:47] One, two, three.


[00:28:50] One more time.


[00:28:56] One, two, three, keep juggling,


[00:28:59] Try that again.


[00:29:01] One, two, three,


[00:29:04] One more time, for good measure.


[00:29:07] One, two, three.


[00:29:09] Did you catch that?


[00:29:11] It's pretty tricky, but you can always pause this
video and learn how to do it step by step.


[00:29:21] Now what we're going to learn is a really
special trick: It's The under the leg.


[00:29:29] Like what we did before with just one ball, now we're adding
three balls, and it gets ultra-cool.


[00:29:38] We're going to focus on the white ball,
and that's going to be our under the leg throw.


[00:29:45] We're going to take our white ball,
lift up our leg, and throw our ball over


[00:29:53] To the other side.


[00:29:55] Now, if you want to, you can just drop the other two balls
for now. 


[00:29:58] And just practice with one, before we go into our three.


[00:30:02] We're going to balance on our leg, lift our leg up,
throw it underneath to the other side.


[00:30:10] We want to get that consistently, from side to side, OK.


[00:30:17] Firstly starting with one at a time.


[00:30:25] And then trying to do it without stopping.


[00:30:34] Now the tricky part is adding the three balls.


[00:30:43] All right, what are we going to do first, like before
we're going to throw the ball and not worry about


[00:30:51] catching it; just let it hit the ground.


[00:30:54] And that will teach you the
right timing in order to do this trick.


[00:30:59] Same process, I'll try to keep the white ball.


[00:31:02] So you can follow along with what's going on.


[00:31:05] First, juggle;


[00:31:06] Juggle.


[00:31:09] Here we go and under! See how I let that drop?


[00:31:16] That's fine, now I know when
to throw it. Once I practice that on both sides.


[00:31:26] So then I can add it into my three ball practise.


[00:31:35] Here we go. Juggle.


[00:31:40] Juggle, 


[00:31:42] And underneath!


[00:31:52] Wow! I did it!
Okay, continuously,


[00:31:56] One, two, [Drops the ball] oh no.
Not quite, let's try again.


[00:32:05] One, two and... Yes I've done it!
Soon you will be able to, just got to practice.


[00:32:15] The next trick to learn is
round the back and over the shoulder.


[00:32:22] So like before drop your other two balls, we don't need them right now,


[00:32:27] We're just going to practice throwing our one ball 
around our back and over our shoulder, into the other hand.


[00:32:36] Here we go.


[00:32:47] Like before, everything's done in our magic ten. to
get ten in a row and see how you go,


[00:32:55] We have to learn how to throw it without catching it, just like
before, we're going to throw it, and let the ball drop down,


[00:33:05] But also while we're juggling.


[00:33:10] Let's see how we go,


[00:33:13] Juggle.


[00:33:16] White ball.


[00:33:22] I Could have caught it, but instead I let it drop,


[00:33:26] Try again.


[00:33:30] Throw without catching.


[00:33:36] We're probably going to catch it next, 
what do you think?


[00:33:44] Warming up a little bit.


[00:33:47] Juggle, throwing, catch. 


[00:33:49] For this one I'm just going to catch the ball


[00:33:49] And then stop Juggling. After I do that
I'm going to see if I can continuously Juggle.


[00:33:58] Woah! I did it! 
All right, now you should catch it


[00:34:08] and keep juggling.


[00:34:15] Juggle, juggle, juggle, juggle, juggle and Catch
and Juggle! He's done it! Yes! 


[00:34:26] Those are the three-ball juggling tricks


[00:34:29] that I wanted to show you today. 


[00:34:31] There are many more out there when you search on YouTube.


[00:34:34] And there're lots of tutorials out there
if you want to learn more


[00:34:37] three-ball juggling tricks. But for now, I have to go
into some two-ball juggling in one hand.


[00:34:46] Drop one ball, and we're going to practice like what
we did before, where we throw the ball up and down


[00:34:56] in the same hands. Now what you really want to get
good at is holding your balls like this, one at the


[00:35:04] top and one underneath.


[00:35:08] Holding the balls like this


[00:35:12] We are going to try to throw the top one
first and catch it back in the same position.


[00:35:18] It looks like this.


[00:35:22] Did you see how I held onto that
bottom ball the whole time? On more time. Up and catch.


[00:35:31] When the other ball gets to the top, we want to throw the second ball.


[00:35:39] We want to make sure that the
two balls don't smack into each other.


[00:35:45] So it's important to think about
columns; all lanes of traffic.


[00:35:52] The top ball has its own lane of traffic.


[00:35:55] Whilst the bottom ball has its own lane of traffic too. That
way that they don't collide. So, throw the top ball


[00:36:03] And when the top ball comes down,
we're going to throw the bottom ball.


[00:36:06] It looks like this.


[00:36:10] When we catch it, we want to try to
get in the same position as we saw above.


[00:36:16] Now that can be tricky, but often with
practice, you'll be able do it. 


[00:36:23] We're going to build up our throws, 
one throw, two throws, three throws,


[00:36:29] And we're going to see if we can get


[00:36:31] ten throws in a row just using one hand.


[00:36:38] I'm going to make it ten. 
Here we go:. 


[00:36:43] One, two, three, four, five,


[00:36:46] Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


[00:36:49] Catching the ball on the bottom.


[00:36:53] Now, like everyone, everyone has
a stronger and a weaker one.


[00:36:59] So my weaker hand is my left, which means I need a
bit more practice on my left than I need on my right.


[00:37:07] So in order to get really good and if you
want to juggle balls, you've got to make sure that both


[00:37:15] hands juggle relatively just as good as each other.


[00:37:20] So I have to see if I can get ten throws on this hand.


[00:37:25] Same process.


[00:37:26] Here we go.


[00:37:27] One, two, three, four, five, 
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


[00:37:40] We have to try and catch this ball


[00:37:43] In the same position.


[00:37:44] One, two, three (...) ten.


[00:37:51] Left hand not as good, but that's all right, 
I just  got to practice.


[00:38:00] Now for what I like to call finale moves.
Finale moves are for when you're juggling on stage and you


[00:38:09] want a really spectacular finish.
This is what they are. Firstly I'm going to show you 


[00:38:17] One using your feet.  


[00:38:21] Now, drop your ball down on the ground, you're going to take your other foot and roll it onto your first foot like this.


[00:38:31] Firstly, it's really important to give
your ball some magic energy.


[00:38:36] In order to do that first
you have to charge up the magic, gibe it to the ball.


[00:38:45] Stand back, clap your hands [claps] Flick the
ball up! And catch it just like that.


[00:38:54] One of my favourites is called the neck catch.


[00:38:59] Imagine you're throwing the ball up in the air,
and just catching it in your neck like this.


[00:39:07] What you want to try to do is scrunch your shoulders up, 
tilt your head back so that you create 


[00:39:07] a little pocket for the ball to sit.


[00:39:18] Firstly, put that ball right in that 'pocket'
and see if you can hold it just like this.


[00:39:25] Once you get that posture, you can hold the ball there
and get ready to practice the catch.


[00:39:33] Throw the ball high enough in the air that we can get underneath it and catch it in that exact same spot.


[00:39:42] In order to get the timing right, we want to wait
for it to come as low as possible,


[00:39:49] And come down underneath the ball.


[00:39:52] What we're trying to avoid is going underneath the
ball while it's still way up in the air.


[00:39:58] Throuw it up, watch it, watch it, watch it, right to the last
second and then tuck underneath it to try to catch it.


[00:40:09] Let's see if I can do it.




[00:40:30] just like that! Now you can add that into
your juggling! See?


[00:40:40] And catch!


[00:40:43] And that is how you finish off your
little act, if you ever want to start juggling.


[00:40:51] That's all for today guys, thank you for joining me.


[00:40:54] And if you really liked what we
saw today, and you practice a lot,


[00:40:58] You can get really good.


[00:40:59] But if you really enjoy juggling, there are certain schools
around Melbourne that you can join up and learn


[00:41:05] more about circus.


[00:41:07] And there's also YouTube if you want to learn
more tricks about juggling or any kind of acrobatics out there.


[00:41:14] But remember, in order to get good,
you need to practice lots and lots.


[00:41:19] And I'm sure that you'll be able to do
that and get as good as me one day.

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