Proud 2 Play Club Conversations with Melbourne Smashers



Welcome to the Melbourne Smashers.



We're one of the largest LGBTI clubs in Melbourne and we play badminton at Melbourne sports and Aquatic Centre.



I was looking for a really safe place to come and play a sport that I really love, looking for something that was outside the usual LGBTIQA kind of community spaces such as clubs that involved alcohol. I think we're a really friendly community. And we also have players that are across a range of skill levels from beginners to players who've been playing at the national level as well. So I'd encourage everyone to come and give it a go. It's a really easy sport to play as well. You don't need very much equipment, you just need some shoes, and you just come in your sports gear and then we can give you a racket or you can jump on court and play.



I felt very welcome joining in the club, when I first started. Everyone was really inclusive, and people were very friendly and very accommodating. It's a great atmosphere to be in.



Having finished university a few years back, I was looking for new ways to meet more people in Melbourne. And this has been one of the most positive experiences I've had.



It's really a friendly and sociable environment. And it's not all about competitiveness. It's not all about seriousness. So you've got friends around, and that's what I really enjoy and value—the companionship within the same circle.



For anyone wanting to join the club for the first time, all I can say is: welcome, come along. It may be a little bit daunting at the start. But we're here to support and help you until you get comfortable with being with us.



You can go to our social media pages, so Facebook and Instagram, as well as the Melbourne Smashers website. We'd love to have you come along and welcome you to the club.

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