Access All Areas: Angelique Perry

Angelique Perry gives back to her local community and music industry through her volunteer role as a core committee member for the Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival.

Access All Areas series

We spoke to people behind the scenes of our music industry for Aus Music Month, To hear about their love for Victoria's music scene, and what sets us apart from the rest.

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For Aus Music Month we're meeting people behind the scenes of our music industry.

Angelique Perry gives back to her local community and music industry through her volunteer role as a core committee member for the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival.

What local act are you listening to at the moment?

"This week it’s the Tuck Shop Ladies. This duo is 2/3 of The Rosie Burgess Trio.

A super fun act, they take everyday life and make it, well….livelier.  Plus, they make you laugh!"

What local band or artist will you be wearing for Aus Music T-Shirt Day?

"I will be wearing the latest Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival (BBRMF) T-Shirt. It’s my passion and represents all the wonderful acts in one neat package.

Everyone should have one!"

Where is your favourite local venue to see live music in Victoria?

The Blues Tram! It ticks every box one could hope for.

You can’t beat getting right up close to a magnificent act, drawn from the cream of BBRMF artists in the coolest vintage venue.

It is a mobile boutique parlour gig, travelling through the streets of beautiful Bendigo all through the year."

L - R: Ross Perry, Ange Perry, Anna Scionti, Charlie Bedford, Tram Driver Greg, Suilven Byrne, Gayle Freemantle

What is it about the Victorian music scene that sets us apart from the rest of Australia?

"Our local businesses, venues, and governments work together, embracing and supporting live music - and in turn, activate the whole community.

This environment has created a rich and diverse landscape of talented artists of every age group and demographic, flourishing with an appreciative audience.

This investment in live music also ensures a pathway (and income) for the next generations of musicians, including those working behind the scenes."

How do you predict we'll enjoy music in the future?

"2020 has given us a greater appreciation of our time, space, and different things in our lives, and I feel as music lovers, we have discovered just how precious a live gig experience is.

With restrictions still rolling into 2021, I think we will see the emergence of and focus on intimate gigs, like the Blues Tram experience. For the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival, the 10th anniversary was postponed to 2021 and with the festival on 4 to 7 November next year, we are hoping it will be bigger and better, celebrating the wonderful music diversity and talent of musicians within our community, far and wide.

I also wonder, now that we have delivered a number of successful live broadcasts, including the recent ‘Across The Wires’ festival, how this new skill set and the audience will evolve.

Will we go back to how it was before COVID, or will we as music event organisers and music lovers continue to embrace this new space and weave it into our live music experience? I’m not sure. But I am confident that the value of live music has been elevated during COVID, and that can only mean a brighter future for our industry."

To see where Angelique and other volunteers put all their effort year round, you can check out the Blues Tram on Facebook .

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