RISING - Heavy Congress Playlist

A baptism of bass, take a trip into the history of sound system culture.

3 large sound systems are stacked in a row amongst smoke with a red, yellow and green light shining down on the speakers, reflecting the reggae flag.

What was to be our baptism of bass at Melbourne Town Hall is on pause—but that doesn’t mean you can’t dive into the decades of rich history that make up the world’s sound system cultures.

Over the last 20 years, sound systems—shorthand for the massive custom speaker stacks (think metres high and wide) through which crews of selectors, DJs and emcees play abdomen-vibrating tracks—have been a relatively well-kept secret here in Melbourne. 

But with the scene growing, the now on-pause debut of Heavy Congress at RISING was set to be a baptism of bass, and a broad introduction to the scene for Melbourne. 

Conceived by artist Jason Maling, reggae ambassador Stick Mareebo and Northside Records’ Chris Gill. 

After you're done listening, have a read about the project's crews, and where they're from, here .


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