RISING - PLAYLIST: A World of Your Own

It’s tempting to look abroad on a journey of musical discovery. But come back here for a second. 

A photo of Luna Park taken at night and manipulated. The Big smiley face of Luna Park is lit up with glowing teeth, eyes and hair. The image has been distorted so the lights stretch across the image

 As Melbourne’s major festival of the night, RISING gives you a snapshot of the city’s music as it stands right now.

RISING’s music team has trawled the city’s crevices and unearthed a selection that speaks to the myriad talents bred in Melbourne’s nooks. 

Hit play and you’ll lift the lid on the alternate-reality music box of Time For Dreams’ ‘A World of Your Own’; thrumming bass and keening organ from Sweet Whirl; and a cascading take on ‘70s soul from Karate Boogaloo and Danielle Ponder. 

For now, everything your ears need is right here on home soil. 

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