RISING - Singles Club

RISING'S monthly full moon release of lunar-themed tunes.

A group of 5 people stand around a table of used plates and ishes, looking into the camers

RISING: SINGLES CLUB is our monthly full moon release of lunar-themed tunes. A series of specially commissioned, celestial space jams, from some of our favourite musicians. 

Listen to our series of specially commissioned cover songs from the country’s best. Julia Jacklin and RVG cover Björk, Gregor and Sweet Whirl take on Creedence, and you can charge up to Amyl and The Sniffers belting redo of ‘Born To Be Alive’.    

With the music industry currently at a standstill, SINGLES CLUB is one way we're supporting artists – alongside the commission, artists will also retain 100% of the music rights. 

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