Sound Sessions - The New Normal

How, where, and why to live-stream - Tips and Tricks on how best to do it. Moderated by Emily Ulman, the organiser behind Isol-Aid, with guest panellists Allara, Eliza Hull, and James Seymour.

The viewscreen on a digital camera capturing a man recording vocals in a studio, in black and white.

Sound Sessions from Brunswick Music Festival

Each year, Brunswick Music Festival runs an industry development mini-conference called Sound Sessions. Now you can watch the 2021 mini-conference any time right here.

1 hour

BMF x Milk! Records x Small Time present The New Normal: How, where and why to Live-stream - Emily Ulman (moderator) + Allara + Eliza Hull + James Seymour.

Livestreaming isn’t new but the era of sharing music with audiences anywhere in the world in real-time has been rapidly ushered into the mainstay.

In 2021 it offers a lifeline – musicians can keep playing and fans can keep listening.

This panel covers tips and tricks on how best to do it, unpacking the where and why of sharing your music live online.

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