Sound Sessions - Recording

How to produce your own work in a bedroom or studio setting. Moderated by Evelyn Ida Morris, with special guests Anika Ostendorf (Hachiku), Diimpa, and Raquel Solier (Various Asses).

black and white close up image of the levels and knobs of a music mixing sound desk.

Sound Sessions from Brunswick Music Festival

Each year, Brunswick Music Festival runs an industry development mini-conference called Sound Sessions. Now you can watch the 2021 mini-conference any time right here.

1 hour

BMF x Milk! Records x Small Time present Recording: Producing your own work in a bedroom or studio setting - Evelyn Ida Morris (moderator) + Anika Ostendorf (Hachiku) + Diimpa + Raquel Solier (Various Asses).

Ready to commit that to tape (so to speak)? Whether at home or in a studio setting, laying down your own music masterpiece has never been more accessible.

A panel for a curious newbie or a seasoned pro looking to level up alike, this session covers a range of perspectives from those who know the ropes and are keen to share their experiences.

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