ARI Seminar - Bushfire recovery surveys for wildlife and flora

Victoria Nature Festival

Watch the recorded webinar featuring ARI researchers and learn about their field surveys of fauna and flora in Victoria after the 2019-2020 Black Summer fires.

Glossy black cockatoo (red tail) feeding on black sheoak seeds.

For National Biodiversity Month DEWLP ran a series of short talks, sharing some results from the bushfire recovery work following 2019-20’s Black Summer.

Hear an overview of the bushfire reconnaissance surveys, presented by six researchers. These surveys have been an outstanding collaboration between DELWP, Parks Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens, university researchers, and other scientists. This partnership has helped us to better understand the effects of the Black Summer bushfires and how high-risk species have responded. 

The seminar features short presentations on:  

  • Overview of the reconnaissance surveys program - Tim O'Brien (Bushfire survey coordinator) 
  • Threatened flora species searches & rainforest surveys - Arn Tolsma  
  • Aquatic surveys and rescues - Dr. Tarmo Raadik  
  • Glider and owl surveys - Dr. Jemma Cripps 
  • Broad-toothed rat surveys - Phoebe Macak 
  • Glossy Black Cockatoo surveys - Peter Menkhorst  

You can help record species sightings in bushfire-affected areas through our community wildlife reporting initiative .