Back to Nature ABC Series

Victoria Nature Festival

A journey through the Australian landscape and the unique stories of the land, deepening our connection with nature.

People in image and text describing Back to Nature Series

The land, like us, is alive. You don’t have to venture far from our cities and towns to experience nature in a way you never have before. Come with us, and slow down, as we go Back to Nature…

Back to Nature is a visually stunning documentary series featuring two storytellers guiding viewers through the wonder and awe of the Australian landscape, exploring stories that reconnect the audience with the natural world, with Country. 

This 8-part, visually stunning ABC factual series Back To Nature is hosted by Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road) and bestselling author Holly Ringland (The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart).  Both yearning to reconnect with nature themselves, Aaron Pedersen and Holly Ringland take the audience on a journey into the deep interconnectedness between human beings and the landscape, exploring stories on geology, history, natural science, mystery, spirituality, and First Nations’ knowledge.

The series sees Country as a living being, with themes of interconnection, mutual symbiosis, and cooperation in nature. 

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