Celebrate Victoria’s Nature

Victoria Nature Festival

Celebrate Victoria’s nature with this awe-inspiring short film that will spark joy, wonder, and excitement.

Two women walking along a beach at Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell
We want you to experience all that Victoria’s nature has to offer. Watch this short film to immerse yourself into the splendour that is nature, all without leaving your front door. 

Victoria’s natural environment is richly diverse, unique and precious. Nature includes the living and the non-living, from animals, plants, fungi, and micro-organisms to the habitats they live within: our oceans, coasts, rivers, deserts, mountains, grasslands, and rainforests! 

We hope this film inspires you to celebrate nature and remember the pure joy that comes from being around the natural world. You just need to look up, get outside, and experience the joy and wonder. 

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Images courtesy of Parks Victoria.