Climate Crisis – Phillip Island Story Map

Victoria Nature Festival

Phillip Island Nature Parks StoryMap: Climate Crisis - How is Phillip Island's iconic wildlife impacted by climate change?

Two Australian Fur Seals on the rock platform at Seal Rocks off Phillip Island.
Learn about Nature Parks conservation efforts 

This StoryMap is a web-based science communication tool that visualises conservation and climate data and uses digital maps to tell the story about how Australian Fur Seals and Little Penguins are being impacted by the climate crisis. 

It's an exciting medium to share with students, friends, or family to learn about the Nature Parks conservation efforts and how the changing climate is affecting these key Victorian native species. 

Australian Fur Seals on Seal Rocks off Phillip Island

Discover the impact of a changing climate on iconic native species: Little Penguins and Australian Fur Seals and explore the science and conservation actions at Nature Parks aimed at understanding and mitigating these impacts. 

This StoryMap is guided by marine scientists Dr. Rebecca McIntosh, and Associate Professor Andre Chiaradia. 

Learn how iconic wildlife are impacted by Climate Change