Conservation case study posters

Victoria Nature Festival

Case studies for secondary science and geography students exploring nature-based STEM, citizen science, land management and real-life conservation efforts for our protected places.

A Helmeted Honeyeater with black and yellow feathers sitting on a branch of a small native shrub with white blossoms.

Parks Victoria has many authentic case studies that highlight our land management and conservation strategies across the state.

These case studies provide students with a context for how secondary school subjects extend beyond the classroom and are applied in the real world.

Using a scientific poster layout, Parks Victoria’s case studies are designed to introduce students to a form of science and geography communication, develop students’ environmental knowledge, foster strong environmental values and empower them to act in their local communities.

The posters can be incorporated into units of work based on Science, Geography, Ethical Capabilities, and the cross-cutting priority, Sustainability.

Visit the Parks Victoria Secondary School website to download