Conserving Growling Grass Frogs around Melbourne

Victoria Nature Festival

An endangered species on our doorstep: conserving Growling Grass Frogs around Melbourne.

Frog in the grass
This talk will introduce you to the wondrous world of Growling Grass Frogs – a spectacular species for which the outer suburbs of Melbourne represent a national stronghold.

Dr. Geoff Heard describes the places across Melbourne where you can see this species, the types of habitats they require to survive in urban areas, and the threats they face in a rapidly changing world.

Heard also discusses what you can do for this endangered species in your local area, from recording its growl-like call to help scientists with monitoring, and how you can create the right mix of environments in which Growling Grass Frogs thrive at home or in your school.

About Dr. Geoff Heard

Dr. Geoff Heard is an ecologist who has been studying Growling Grass Frogs around Melbourne for 20 years.

Raised in northern Melbourne, Heard saw his first ‘Growler’ at age 16 and has been hooked ever since. He has studied Growling Grass Frogs across the Darebin, Merri, and Moonee Ponds Creek areas since 2001, and has written extensively on their ecology and conservation needs.

Despite the various threats to this species, his research shows that Growling Grass Frogs can survive with the right open space and habitat.

His research has guided habitat conservation and management projects for the species across Melbourne, these projects will hopefully see the species thrive for years to come.