Creating a Wildlife Friendly Backyard - Extend your garden into nature

Discover how to make your yard friendly for our wildlife!

Image of two possums on a verandah at night

Zoos Victoria Presents Creating a Wildlife Friendly Backyard

Discover how your backyard can cater to and invite all sorts of wildlife!

6 minutes

When Yolanda Van Rooyen bought a house that backed onto bushland, she wanted to create a garden that would extend the wildlife habitat.

There are some basic ingredients that make a garden wildlife-friendly and Tino tours Yolanda’s garden to check them out.

  • Getting rid of the weeds and reducing the lawn
  • Go for local species
  • Plant a variety of habitats
  • Plant things you love!
  • Don’t be too tidy

In this video, you'll learn tips to bring your yard back to nature, and make it a friendlier space for our wildlife friends.

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