Discover more of Gippsland with a licensed tour operator

Victoria Nature Festival

Explore East Gippsland, with Parks Victoria licensed tour operators for the best in-park experiences.

A raging waterfall cascades through a lush green forest of ferns and myrtle beach.
While the 2019/20 bushfires impacted parts of East Gippsland, Parks Victoria has been working hard to restore parks to ensure they are safe for Licensed Tour Operators (LTO) to continue providing the best in-park experiences.  

Regional Victoria showcases some of the best natural experiences and with a Licensed Operator, you can experience them all in a hassle-free, safe and enjoyable environment.  

There are over 500 licensed tour operators across Victoria who are ready to help you explore and discover our magnificent parks and waterways. LTOs offer more than 50 different types of in-park experiences.  

When we are able to, you can search for an LTO by selecting your preferred park , activity, or operator. 

Find out more if you’re considering becoming a licensed operator .

A mand and a woman hold hands as they walk along side large pink granite boulders at Wilsons Promontory National Park with views of a bay and headland in the background.