Discover Tarra-Bulga National Park

Victoria Nature Festival

Join Ranger Craig Campbell for a tour of Tarra-Bulga National Park.

The famous Corrigan Suspension Bridge that spans across the gully at Tarra-Bulga National Park.
Come on a virtual tour of Tarra-Bulga National Park with Ranger Craig Campbell who has managed the park for 34 years.

Learn about the two types of rain forest found in the park, as well as the important role of fire in the ecosystem. Tarra-Bulga National Park is one of the jointly managed parks within Gippsland. 

The Joint Management agreement recognises the fact that the Gunaikurnai people hold Aboriginal Title and maintain a strong connection to Country.

As custodians of the land, they are the rightful people who speak for their Country. These parks and reserves are cultural landscapes that continue to be part of Gunaikurnai living culture. 

Take a virtual tour of Tarra Bulga National Park.