Experience Victoria’s Urban Nature

Victoria Nature Festival

Experience the pure joy that nature can bring – a short film on urban nature.

Family sitting next to the Yarra River with rowing boats on the river.
Nature is all around us – not just in our great national parks, mountain tops, or wind-swept coasts – it also exists in our cities, towns, and suburbs.

Have you noticed how great it makes you feel to get outside and experience a rush of fresh air after being inside all day? We want to bring this feeling to you through this short film that celebrates urban nature in all its amazing diversity.

Nature surrounds you in our cities. All you need to do to experience it, is walk amongst the trees, visit your local park or walk along a nearby creek. 

Large cities like Melbourne and our regional centres such as Bendigo and Ballarat are teeming with life, and these animals and plants live alongside us humans.

It’s important to remember we are living in their home – in fact, we share the same home!