Finding Your Nature: your connection companion

Victoria Nature Festival

Discover yourself in nature and deepen your connection

A young woman with red hair and a bright purple jacket, sitting cross-legged on a big log in a park with her eyes closed, meditating.
‘Finding Your Nature’ is your connection companion: a hub of films, stories and activities to help you find yourself in nature.

Nature nurtures growth and resilience in all of us. Although we know the benefits nature brings to our physical and mental wellbeing, our busy lives leave little time for this and we’re missing out.

By carving out time for nature, we embrace a huge part of what makes us human.

‘Finding Your Nature’ has something for everyone: from the deeply connected, to the nature-curious, to those who may feel nervous about exploring the outdoors. 

Find ways to connect and why it is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. Then, discover how you can use your connection to act for nature and create a better world for all life.

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