Forest Therapy

Victoria Nature Festival

Unwind at home with a Forest Therapy experience in Fern Gully.

A young woman in a blue summer dress with white flowers sits on a wooden bench looking up to the sky. She is positioned by a boardwalk surrounded by beautiful ferns, palms and towering Forest within Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.
Originating from Japan, Shinrin-yoku, or forest therapy, is a preventative health practice that immerses your senses in nature.

This online wellbeing experience will bolster your mental and physical health by reducing stress levels, regulating pulse and blood pressure and elevating your mood. 

Recognised as a public health practice in Asia and Europe, forest therapy is gaining global acclaim as an evidence-based, cost-effective, and natural remedy – a ‘green prescription’ for a healthier you.  

Presented by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, In My Nature and the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA). 

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