Gippsland's Hidden Wonders

Uncover hidden wonders of Gippsland’s vast wilderness in this video series.

the image shows giant granite rocks, close to the water in Gippsland. They are towering boulders with green moss growing on them, there is a boat full of tourists in front looking onwards at the spectacle

You may have heard of Gippsland, but you may not have heard of some of these wondrous experiences, right in your backyard. Be taken on an adventure through the changing landscapes of Gippsland, meet the locals, and dream of your next trip. 

Follow the golden sand along one of the world’s longest uninterrupted stretches of beach along Ninety Mile Beach on camel-back from Lakes Entrance, on the Gippsland Lakes. Take a cruise to mainland Australia’s most southerly point, Wilsons Promontory National Park, an ovation-worthy meeting of white sand and turquoise waters. 

Get ready for adventure on a knuckle-whitening four-wheel drive tour over some of Victoria’s wildest and most spectacular 4x4 country in Snowy River National Park. Then, take an awe-inspiring helicopter ride over Victoria’s deepest gorge, Little River Gorge, with a stomach-leaping 600m drop to the Snowy River below. 

With these 360° interactive videos, you can click, drag and zoom in to virtually explore Gippsland’s wilderness treasures.  

Jump in your car, plan a tour with a local guide, or add these hidden wonders to your bucket list. 

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