Gippsland's Hidden Wonders - Alpine Airwork

Take an awe-inspiring helicopter ride over Victoria’s deepest gorge, with a stomach-leaping 600m drop to the Snowy River below.

Gippsland's Hidden Wonders

Uncover hidden wonders of Gippsland’s vast wilderness in this video series.

4 minutes

Go on a virtual adventure through the changing landscapes of Gippsland and meet the locals before you start planning your next trip. 

Since he was a little kid, Mick Gribble always wanted to fly. It was a ride in a small crop-duster airplane that sealed the deal. Now, he’s the chief pilot for Alpine Airwork.

In this episode, Mick takes us on an awe-inspiring helicopter ride over Victoria’s deepest gorge, Little River Gorge.

Taking off from Benambra Airport, see the fire-affected land below, and the stomach-leaping 600-metre drop to the Snowy River. 

You'll want to jump in your car, plan a trip, or add this hidden wonder to your bucket list. 

Once you've watched the video, use the 360° interactive video to click, drag, and zoom in, to virtually explore Gippsland’s wilderness treasures.  

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