Gippsland's Hidden Wonders - Great Southern Escapes

Get ready for adventure on a knuckle-whitening four-wheel drive tour across some of Victoria’s wildest and most spectacular 4x4 country.

Gippsland's Hidden Wonders

Uncover hidden wonders of Gippsland’s vast wilderness in this video series.

3 minutes

Go on a virtual adventure through the changing landscapes of Gippsland and meet the locals before you start planning your next trip. 

Andrew Davidson wanted people to experience Gippsland like a local.

His four-wheel driving business, Great Southern Escapes explores the gorges, waterfalls, and spectacular scenery of the Snowy River National Park.

Join Andrew in adventure country, and get a feel for travelling through remote bush terrain from Buchan to McKillops Bridge.

You'll want to jump in your car, plan a trip, or add this hidden wonder to your bucket list. 

Once you've watched the video, use the 360° interactive video to click, drag, and zoom in, to virtually explore Gippsland’s wilderness treasures.  

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