A guided tour of Victoria's Marine National Parks

Victoria Nature Festival

Find out what’s beneath the waves in Victoria’s Marine Protected Areas and how Parks Victoria uses the latest science to understand this diverse underwater world.

Curious creatures are found in the depths of Victoria’s reefs and sandy plains
Victoria’s Marine Protected Areas contain a wonderful, unique, and rich diversity of marine life and habitats that are little known to many Victorians. 

Using the latest underwater technology and monitoring approaches, Deakin University and Parks Victoria have been studying what lives in our marine protected areas and how they are responding to a changing environment.  

Check out this recorded tour down under the waves to discover colourful sponge gardens and reefs, underwater kelp forests, lush seagrass meadows, sandy plains, and the myriad of fish and invertebrates that call our MPA’s their home.

Baited remote underwater video (BRUV’s) provide valuable footage of fish diversity found inside (and outside) marine protected areas.