Habitat works completed on the Mitta River at Eskdale

Victoria Nature Festival

Work has been completed on the Mitta Mitta River adjacent to the Katie Peters Reserve at Eskdale.

Large boulders are seen emerging from the water in the Mitta River, providing new habitat for fish and shelter from river flows.
North East CMA has installed large rocks (rock seeding) and timber structures (known as lunkers) in the river at Katie Peters Reserve to create an overhead cover and resting areas for the fish.

The area was chosen because it is very popular with recreational fishers and was lacking in habitat diversity.  

The work is aimed at restoring fish habitat and increasing the fish population in the Mitta Mitta River.  

The project was funded by the Victorian Government to improve recreational fishing through revenue from Recreational Fishing Licences.  

By introducing structure back into the river system, there will be increased areas to hold fish and the additional habitat will help increase food sources for the fish. 

Timber beams are installed at the river’s edge which provide habitat for fish