Healing Country along the Murray River

Victoria Nature Festival

Join Damien Jackson, a Cultural Heritage Protection Specialist, as he shares the work his team are doing to restore and protect ancestral remains in the Murray-Sunset National Park.

Four Aboriginal Parks Victoria Rangers stand while one kneels next to a small fire and conducts a smoking ceremony.
The cultural landscapes in the northwest of Victoria are ancient, fragile, and rich in Aboriginal values.

These values include vast burial grounds that are succumbing to the impacts of human activity and imported pest species like rabbits, pigs and cattle have caused soil disturbance and exposed ancestral remains to harm. 

Aboriginal people have cared for and sustainably managed Victoria’s cultural landscapes for thousands of years. Traditional Owners have both a cultural obligation and a legal right to be custodians of their traditional land and waters and protect the unique natural and cultural values that they contain.

As manager of over 4 million hectares of Victoria’s parks and reserves, Parks Victoria is proud to have the opportunity to work with Traditional Owners to care for this special Country. 

Through Managing Country Together, we are playing our part to support Aboriginal self-determination.

Learn more about how Parks Victoria works in partnership with Traditional Owners .   

Five Aboriginal Parks Victoria Rangers pose for a group photograph
Learn more about how Parks Victoria works in partnership with Traditional Owners