How Victorians can Act for Nature 

Victoria Nature Festival

Thanks for attending the 2021 Victorian Nature Festival! Follow the links below to find out how you can act for nature.

A group of women kneeling in the bush near streams of water
There are many ways people can care for and undertake positive actions for the benefit of nature. We provide a range of online resources and in-person opportunities to encourage more Victorians to value and act for nature.

Visit one of these recommended websites to see how you can Act for Nature.

Spend time in nature

A young man studying the moss on a big tree bark

The simple act of spending time in and noticing nature means you are more likely to appreciate and care for nature. This means doing things that directly or indirectly protect nature.   

Get involved


Three women kneeling in the bush, planting trees

In this  interactive map , you can find out what kinds of volunteering opportunities are already happening near you, or check out  Park Connect  for other volunteer opportunities. This includes caring for natural areas and parks, sustainability projects, nature experiences, advocacy, wildlife rescue, and citizen science.

Citizen science

If you want to do something for the environment and learn at the same time, citizen science is a good option for you. Collecting data helps us understand nature better, and how to protect or manage it better. Monitoring nature’s health gives us the knowledge to help build nature’s resilience. 

A woman and three children crouching in mud near a stream

You may have heard about  iNaturalist ,  SealSpotter ,  WhaleFace  or  Moth Tracker  during the festival, and there are almost 300 other citizen science projects happening in Victoria.

Find something that suits your interests and get involved today. 

Wildlife-friendly gardens and landscapes

There are lots of ways you can make your outdoor space or garden safer and more inviting for wildlife and enjoy nature in your own backyard. 

Choosing to plant native plants, or keeping your own wildlife garden, provides habitat and refuge for native species.  

Close up of a bee on a purple flower with a yellow center

Find out what you can do at home at the  Gardens for Wildlife website .

Gardens for Wildlife partners with several local councils, so  check out whether your council is involved  to see what resources or other support might be available to you.  

If you’ve got a habitat for wildlife at your place, you might like to consider registering it as  Land for Wildlife  to get personalised advice on how best to manage it.  

Be a Champion for Nature

People only protect nature when they appreciate it, and you can help to bring others on this journey, too. 

Helping other people to connect and act for nature is a great way to make a positive change. This builds our combined, shared effort in caring for nature. 

A family walks through the forest with a tour guide showing who points up at the trees

You might wish to:  

  • Take your friends or family with you on your next nature journey  
  • Inspire family and friends with your great nature experiences  
  • Share your nature photos and stories on social media (e.g. use #VicOurNature)  
  • Let your local council or government representative know about the nature issues that concern you  

Stay in touch

If you’re interested in other events run by the Nature Festival partners, please consider joining their mailing list to stay up to date.  

Find out more about how you can act for nature