Mountain biking in La Larr Ba Gauwa Park

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For those that want a scenic adventure, La Larr Ba Gauwa Park, offers diverse mountain bike trails.

Mountain bike rider on a track
La Larr Ba Gauwa Park is two kilometres east of Harcourt and next to the Mount Alexander Regional Park. It is 130km north-west of Melbourne, 9km north of Castlemaine, 30km south of Bendigo and 85km northeast of Ballarat.

With 11 trails, La Larr Ba Gauwa Park has everything from a leisurely beginners’ loop to long, flowing cross-country rides and technically challenging trails featuring chutes, berms, drops, jumps, and rock gardens.

Car parking for La Larr Ba Gauwa Park is in the Harcourt township. Park your car on High Street, opposite the CFA station, then ride to the Park via the off-road path that runs alongside Market Street and Picnic Gully Road.

This path will take you straight to the Trailhead. There is no parking for bike riders at La Larr Ba Gauwa Park.

Make sure you take plenty of water with you before you leave Harcourt because there is no potable water available at La Larr Ba Gauwa Park.

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