Nature Unfiltered – Victorian Nature Festival Special

Victoria Nature Festival

Nature unfiltered is a podcast that takes listeners behind the scenes to learn all about what’s going on in conservation at Phillip Island Nature Parks.

Nature unfiltered – Victorian Nature Festival Special
Tune in to join Ranger Skye and Ranger Meagan as they explore how Phillip Island Nature Parks are protecting nature for wildlife.

In this episode, Ranger Skye chats to Conservation Manager Jessica McKelson about why conservation is so important and how she stays connected to nature. 

Ranger Meagan takes on the challenge to go for a bird-spotting bushwalk. 

We also play “Guess That Noise,” share some jokes and provide practical tips on how listeners can look after nature from wherever they are in the world. 

Listen to Episode 9 - Victoria Nature Festival Special  


A lone penguin looks over its shoulder


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