Nature’s Mascots fact files

Victoria Nature Festival

Literacy resources for weird and wonderful animal heroes that help young learners to love where they live and care for their local habitats.

Brown Alpine Tree Frog sitting on wet ground cover plants
Who's the mascot of your local ecosystem?

Learning for nature begins with loving nature, and what better way to build a love for our beautiful state than by getting to know our animal mascots?

The Nature’s Mascots program tells Parks Victoria’s conservation stories in an age-friendly way by using cute and cuddly or weird and wonderful heroes to represent our key ecosystems.

Cuttlefish swimming along the sandy ocean floor next to rocks and seaweed

The mascot literacy resources help young learners to love where they live, develop connections between people and places, and understand how to care for both habitats and species.

Each mascot’s fact file uses descriptive text and illustrations to help readers to develop their literacy skills, understand concepts in the Victorian science curriculum and learn how special their local ecosystems are.

Red-necked Stint bird walking along wet sand at the beach

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