Wilsons Prom Sanctuary Concept

Victoria Nature Festival

Watch the recorded webinar featuring Parks Victoria’s Chief Conservation Scientist, Dr. Mark Norman, exploring the new Wilsons Prom Sanctuary concept.

A wallaby stares at the camera with a joey hanging out of her pouch, standing on a large grey ock with tufts of green grass.

Through the Prom Sanctuary project, Wilsons Promontory National Park will become a world-class climate change refuge that is free from introduced predators, providing a safe haven for the best of Victoria’s wildlife.  

A predator-proof exclusion fence and enhanced conservation programs, including the eradication of invasive species, will turn the national park into Victoria’s largest conservation sanctuary where native animals and plants can thrive. 

Parks Victoria is working with Traditional Owners, conservation and research organisations, and the community to deliver this project, expected to progress over the next ten years. 

Visit Wilsons Prom from the comfort of your own home and learn about what makes this park so special. 

A woman stands at the top of a hill on giant granite boulders, looking down at the green scrub to the coast, as the sun sets over the ocean