Open Space for Everyone

Victoria Nature Festival

A quality urban open space network is key to our health and wellbeing. Hear how we’re creating a connected, immersive and shared network for Melbourne.

Young person climbing on play equipment at a suburban park
Spending time in nature enriches our mental and physical health and wellbeing.  

For many who live in the city, spending time in nature is achieved by spending time in suburban parks, exploring the city’s trails and visiting Melbourne’s waterways, bays and foreshores. 

A quality urban open space network provides a range of economic and social benefits for local communities and the city as a whole. 

Green open space sustains and improves biodiversity and enhances our city’s resilience to climate change. 

Community park with person walking in the distance

Shaping an open space network

Open Space for Everyone will shape an open space that is also connected, immersive, and shared and will provide for our city’s growing population. 

The Victorian Government has already invested more than $230 million in new and improved open spaces and is exploring new opportunities across the city. 

Find out more about the open space for everyone strategy.