State Fossil Emblem nominations - Bishops Whitmorei

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem.

A fossilised jawbone of a small mammal. Set on an orange background.

Museums Victoria: State Fossil Emblem nominations

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem!

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Museums Victoria is excited to invite the people of Victoria to cast their vote in selecting a candidate for a state fossil emblem.

State emblems are a way of celebrating the unique and amazing natural heritage of our part of the world.

Victoria has these emblems already: helmeted honeyeater (bird), Leadbeater's possum (animal), weedy seadragon (marine animal), common heath (flora) and gold (mineral), but does not yet have a fossil emblem.

Introducing: Bishops Whitmorei

When the polar dinosaurs roamed Victoria 130 million years ago, this tiny mammal also thrived in the cool Gondwanan forests. Its teeth and jaws are only a few millimetres long. They were found fossilised in ancient riverbeds, along the modern coastline.

It took keen eyes to spot them, and painstaking skill to free them from the rock. In life, it was likely an insect-eater and looked much like today’s shrews or antechinuses.

Similarly, aged mammals in Australia include the ancestors of the platypus and echidna. But exactly where Bishops sits in the mammal family tree is controversial: it might be related to the platypus and echidna or could be a vanished branch of placental mammals — the group that now includes cats, dogs, and human beings.

Voting closes 4 October 2021

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