State Fossil Emblem nominations - Isograptus-Victoriae

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem.

A plae sand coloured, flat rock with a red ochre coloured, V shaped fossil embedded in it. The red V shape has little prond -like shapes branching off it. it is set on an aqua background.

Museums Victoria: State Fossil Emblem nominations

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem!

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Museums Victoria is excited to invite the people of Victoria to cast their vote in selecting a candidate for a state fossil emblem.

State emblems are a way of celebrating the unique and amazing natural heritage of our part of the world.

Victoria has these emblems already: helmeted honeyeater (bird), Leadbeater's possum (animal), weedy seadragon (marine animal), common heath (flora) and gold (mineral), but does not yet have a fossil emblem.

Introducing the Isograptus-Victoriae

These little ‘Vs’ are the remains of marine animals called graptolites that were abundant in the Ordovician, a time when life was abundant in the sea but not on land.

Graptolite fossils are the remains of twig-like or net-like colonies of microscopic animals. Tiny feelers snatched or trapped food from the water current.

Their three-dimensional shapes were flattened by burial to form fossils like the V-shaped Isograptus victoriae. Fossils like Isograptus victoriae showed where the distorted rocks in central Victoria belonged to the same layers. Miners used them to track seams of gold underground.

These fossils also show up worldwide – and help align sequences of rock layers thousands of kilometres apart.

Voting closes 4 October 2021!

Vote for the Isograptus Victoriae

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