State Fossil Emblem nominations - Koolasuchus

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem.

a photograph of a koolasuchus fossil in four pieces. Set on pink background.

Museums Victoria: State Fossil Emblem nominations

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem!

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Museums Victoria is excited to invite the people of Victoria to cast their vote in selecting a candidate for a state fossil emblem.

State emblems are a way of celebrating the unique and amazing natural heritage of our part of the world.

Victoria has these emblems already: helmeted honeyeater (bird), Leadbeater's possum (animal), weedy seadragon (marine animal), common heath (flora), and gold (mineral), but does not yet have a fossil emblem.

Introducing the Koolasuchus

The car-sized amphibian Koolasuchus lived alongside dinosaurs in Victoria during the Cretaceous Period. In a head, the size of a dustbin lid were dozens of ridged fangs for piercing prey, and two-inch tusks growing from the roof of its mouth.

Resembling something between a huge newt and a crocodile, Koolasuchus was adapted to life in the rushing rivers that once separated Australia and Antarctica. Its fossils are only found at a few beaches and coves in South Gippsland.

Koolasuchus was an unexpected discovery, as it is the long-last member of its lineage, known as the temnospondyls. It lived in Victoria as much as 50 million years after all other temnospondyls went extinct worldwide.

Voting closes 4 October 2021

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