State Fossil Emblem nominations - Leallynasaura

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem.

Fragment of a fossil.

Museums Victoria: State Fossil Emblem nominations

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem!

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Museums Victoria is excited to invite the people of Victoria to cast their vote in selecting a candidate for a state fossil emblem.

State emblems are a way of celebrating the unique and amazing natural heritage of our part of the world.

Victoria has these emblems already: helmeted honeyeater (bird), Leadbeater's possum (animal), weedy seadragon (marine animal), common heath (flora) and gold (mineral), but does not yet have a fossil emblem.

Introducing the Leallynasaura

Leallynasaura is the smallest of the two-legged, plant-eating ornithopod dinosaurs found in Victoria. It would have stood no higher than a wallaby, although its tail was three times the length of its body. It had delicate leaf-shaped teeth, suitable for snipping new growth from soft plants like ferns.

The skull of Leaellynasaura has large eye sockets, indicating it could stay active in low light conditions. During the Cretaceous Period, Victoria was inside the southern polar circle, and the winter sun would not have risen above the horizon for weeks on end.

Its delicate fossil bones were recovered from a tunnel dug through solid sandstone, at the bottom of Dinosaur Cove near Cape Otway. It took jackhammers and even explosives to reach rich seams of fossil bones.

Leaellynasaura is related to dinosaurs found in South America, which is a sign that these landmasses were once connected via Antarctica, in the supercontinent Gondwana.

Voting closes 4 October 2021!

Vote for the Leallynasaura

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